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Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:10
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Muhammad Zafrulla Khan in his book talks about honor and dignity by Islam to women. He highlights the spiritual equality of women with man. In his opinion all situations about women’s position have been reflected in Qur’an. First of all it is about her economic position. As he pointed Islam has been foremost in assigning to woman a position of economic independence. Islam has made an assignment in women’s role in family life. The author talks about women’s rights and freedom. Some people, especially in Europe think that woman in Muslim world has no rights and she is second-class citizen. The West has often regarded Islamic women as being backward in a male-dominated world. But it is not like that. Although in the middle ages when Christian church claimed that women are devil’s helper Islam appreciated women. Islam was the first religion formally to grant the women a status never known before. In The Holy Quran reflected a lot of surahs about woman, her rights, independence.
But in the second article the author is trying to show that the reality differs from what written in books. Samia Rahman shows in examples of Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Pakistan how deplorable is the life of women. They have no chance to be educated, or to choose to whom get married. Over the years most of Muslim ulemas tried to humiliate the women, minimize their role. That’s why nowadays they have no rights to protest against decisions of their husbands, fathers or brothers. According to S. Rahman it is necessary to propagandize equality of women and men to change men’s attitude, and of course give an education to them.

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