Team Work And Leadership Case Study Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:43:12
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The world still consists of considerate, sympathetic and dedicated people among the common men who can go an extra mile to serve others. These people are the leaders for others as they have gained experience interacting with diverse people and culture. These leaders have emerged in the field of child labor, environment protection, poverty eradication, human rights, nonviolence and saving the planet by going green.
Martin Sheen was very proactive in taking an initiative to clean the garbage dump in Payatas, Manila. He was aware that the world population is about 6 billion and America was only 6% of the this population, and the Americans use 59% of world resources and wasting most of it by dumping in the third world countries where people are suffering.. The moment he saw Payatas, he was overwhelmed emotionally, spiritually, and physically to change it (
Craig Kielburger was only 12 years when he got involved in human rights to stop child labor. He believes that the understanding of child labor can be changed if people are pathetic towards their society. The people he met were working long hours to support their family, and were not allowed to develop and physically. He was emotionally moved by an article on child labor that involved a child of 12 years working long hours in a carpet factory, and hence Craig decided to start an organization called Kids can free the children.
Simon Jackson was awarded as “Heroes for the planet” for starting a campaign to save the Spirit bears. He engaged people in the school and etched out a plan to save these bears that were getting extinct. The youth contributed in the maximum numbers in the campaign, and all that he believed was that passion is critical to achieve anything in life.
Arun Gandhi, the grandson on Mahatma Gandhi follows the principles laid by Gandhi, and their mission is to spread Gandhi principles of non-violence locally and internationally. He made people realize that non-violence is not only using non-physical force, or being nonviolent with some people. He made people understand that non-violence is passive violence that happens without our knowledge and understanding, and we must acknowledge it.
The other effective leaders are Jane Goodall, Helen Samuels, and Kerry Kennedy Cuomo. These leaders in their own way reinforce the general belief that the global challenges in current time are too important and too complex to be left to governments, and we must take initiatives to change the world for the better (
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