Teaching My Son How To Fish Creative Writing Sample

Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:47
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'I wish I could spend more time with my five year old son, but since he lives two hours away with his mother and I only get to see him on the weekends, I simply cannot.' His mother and I have been separated since he was two years old. Basically we went out fishing early this summer and I taught him how to fish. He’s a stubborn little guy, so it took me a little bit to get him focused, but once we overcame the initial hurdles, he took to it like a natural.
My main objective was to spend some good time with my kid and make him happy. When we started the fishing, I ensured that everything looked simple to him. My fishing equipment included a hook, a bobber, a split shot and a night crawler and the kid could easily understand that combination. Since my kid is stubborn, I ensured that I kept a quick pace for the interest of him. We started fishing at the shallow end where the presence of sunfish and small bass is popular.
When my kid started to hook the bait trap, I encouraged him and showed him the best ways to trap the fish. I praised him to be doing a great job and he became excited and had morale to try the fishing. When he did it wrong, I took some time to explain how he could do it the beast. I interacted with the kid in a way that both of us enjoyed and always smiled to each other.
Our best moment together was when my kid successfully caught a fish with the trap. I helped him to bring it the fish out of the trap. I explained to him the functions of its part. He was happy to learn that a fish used the fins to swim and the gills to breath. He also wondered how the small eyes could see through the water.
Fishing on the Penobscot River in Veazie in that Saturday afternoon was great and interesting. It was interesting to watch my son progress from a beginner to amateurish angler. I learnt that I should always thank him for all the time that we spend together.

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