Should Tobacco Companies Be Held Responsible For Smoking-Related Illnesses And Deaths Research Proposal Samples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:51:17
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Smoking of tobacco is one of the controversial issues in society today. This is based on the impacts of smoking tobacco. It is worth nothing that people in life make their own decision as guaranteed by the constitution. Many stakeholders have come into scrutiny on the issues related to tobacco smoking and the risibility of tobacco companies on smoking related silliness. The main aim of writing this paper is to inform the tobacco smokers on the responsibility they should take instead of blaming the tobacco companies. The basis of the argument is focused on the fact that people are well aware of the harmful effects of tobacco yet they still choose to smoke. Many professionals have teamed up to blame tobacco companies, yet the real blame should be on individuals who smoke. In the general perspective, tobacco companies should not be responsible for smoking-related illnesses and deaths, unless they use harmful chemical in their products.
In the modern society, people are well aware of the harmful effects of tobacco. In fact, addiction is one of the major issues that drive smokers towards smoking. This is the reality, but the tobacco companies have clearly labeled its effects and clearly indicate that smoking of tobacco is harmful to human health. As a State, the constitution gives people the free will to choose what they want, which includes smoking. People knowing consume tobacco yet they are aware of the health risks. Tobacco companies make it known to the public, especially the smokers that their product cause smoke related diseases and death; hence, they should not be held responsible.
The reality is that cigarettes are legal, and if it was entirely evil then the government should have outlawed them. Based on the legal state of the product the companies should not responsible for the effects of smoking. Even before tobacco warning law was implemented, people are well aware that smoking tobacco takes always people life. It seems to be an assault on morality and abuse of justice when people who are suffering from smoking-related illnesses blame the manufacturer. Smoking cigarettes is personal suicide since individuals have all the required information about harmful effects of smoking.
On the same note, it is not logical to hold the manufactures of tobacco responsible for smoking-related deaths and illnesses. This is because alcohol companies are not blamed for the deaths and impacts they cause. For example, alcohol is responsible for accidents, alcoholism and liver diseases yet they do not take responsibility of this. Cigarettes have warning labels for a reason.
People are ignorant of the warning signs, and tobacco companies should not be blamed for the ignorance of the people. Studies show that many people are smokers by choice, and they have the right and freedom to make their decisions. Addiction comes after an individual has smoked for long; hence, the main question is why smoke yet you are aware of the addiction effects and other smoking-related illnesses.
The issue of cigarettes smoking and smoke related illnesses are a conflict between personal responsibility and corporate responsibility. To some extent tobacco companies have done their best to demonstrate their social responsibility, but people are still ignorant of their health. People should have their freedom to choose since companies and other responsible stakeholders have clearly informed on the effects. There are many court cases related to tobacco smoking. Admittedly, smoking is harmful to human health but the fact is people are well aware of the effects and should be responsible for their personal damage. Hence, tobacco companies should not be responsible for smoking-related deaths and illnesses.

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