Sample Case Study On Organizational Behaviors

Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:39
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Organizational behavior is the of study that explores the collision that structures, groups and individuals, have on behavior within an organization for the intention of applying such information towards taming an organization's efficiency. It understands the employees’ role and them understanding the manager’s role in the accurate manner without misconception in favor of the organization. In this case study, a retail shop sells teddy bears and Clark the manager determines her personalities in her organization” (Giacobbe, 2009).
Maxine’s Clark’s personality
Understanding the People Who Work at an organization and Patronize Build-A-Bear Workshop occur when people’s personality is done accurately without discrimination. When decision making about a person or a thing it is vital to know their information. In this case study Maxine Clark personality is to have fun at work as she follows her previous CEO who established the rule that “Retailing is entertainment, and when customers have fun, they spend more money” (Giacobbe, 2009).
The perception of Build-A-Bear customers
She has a retail entertainment shop where she animates animals in form of bears according to the customers wish. She has this feeling from childhood and makes it a successful reality, as well as she has various retail shops worldwide. She believes teddy bear has been an ideal sign for trust, love, cuddliness and security. Other peoples personality felt that Clark would not be successful since they feared nobody will want to make stuffed animals. Kids are happy to have the stuffed animals and this promotes Clark’s company of Build A Bear (Amato-McCoy, 2008).
The company broadens its customers type, menagerie and geography to enhance more productivity and reaching for customers .The customers’ demographic (female twins) is intended to enhance the product appeal to more customers (Giacobbe, 2009).
Personality characteristics of Build-A-Bear Associates
Clark’s success inspires interest and mentors others. Her assets sell emotional and physical experience. Clark and her associates are hard working and she finds capable associates, as well as, those who care about giving a great Build-A-Bear understanding. For instance she says. The personality can be a happy one or a sad one, a smiling one or a tear full one since the business stand for memories (Amato-McCoy, 2008). This means the associates can fulfill the feelings and she is happy that she found associates who understand.
The associates understand this and that is why they cooperate. One would enjoy working at Clarks Company since her personality is accurate and she defines what she expects from the employees to make a successful company. She also does her retails with fun and entertainment (Amato-McCoy, 2008).
Study module
One individual character is what makes him unique. Everyone is different and some people have more character traits. If a manager can be able to learn and understand the individual’s character better, then there would be cooperation at work since they affect on behavior. Personality is the combination of qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.
The way that a person’s monitors oneself can tell what a kind of a person one is. There are some individuals that have high self monitoring and other have low self monitoring. There are others that are satisfied with their jobs and have positive personality and try to help other people through appealing with managerial citizenship. However, those with negative personalities show working with stress. A positive personality results into better financial performance. As a managerial leader one must have positive affectivity in order to help the subordinates and impact positive commitment which results into positive financial performance (Nelson & Quick, 2012).
Behavioral measures can be measured by an observer. The observer predicts on the overall performance than of the self information. Sensing intuition refers to how one decides to gather information through the use of five senses (Nelson & Quick, 2012). The sensing types at work choose precise answers to question and become discouraged with indistinguishable information. While Intuitive type’s think of a number of things at once (Nelson & Quick, 2012).The thinking and feeling preference show the way one prefers making decision.
The thinking type of people analyze and decides in an objective and reasonable manner while the feeling type sympathize and decides on a personal assessment oriented way .It is crucial for to overlook on how an organizations employees percept decisions made since it impacts on their behaviors’ and can lead into conflicts. Perception also affects the cultural element as the way one interpret things may give a different meaning. Cultural diversity and Value diversity is a solution to worldwide competitiveness. This defy formulates social perception skills vital to a successful management (Nelson & Quick, 2012).
Personality of the perceiver
Familiarity with the targeted person may rule out accurate information about the person since the preconceived notions will screen out the accurate information. The perceiver’s attitude matters when it comes to decision making. Attitudes can prejudice a decision. Moods are subjects to change and it affects the way people perceive information. When one is depressed, they tend to think differently than when one is happy. One remembers information that is inconsistence with the condition of their mood (Nelson & Quick, 2012).
A persons self concept affects’ the social perception thus a positive self-concept gives positive characteristic in a person while a negative self concept leads a perceiver selecting out the negative personality in a person. An accurate perception of oneself gives accurate perceptions of others and also by others. Cognitive structure such as looks and physical appearance affects social perception. Cognitive complexity allows people to perceive multiple personalities of other people rather than presenting few traits. Verbal communication also affects the way people listen and perceive information. Some listen to the tone accent and topics then make judgments.
In an Organization, every associate in it should be treated equally and their personalities should not be undermined regardless of their appearance, tone, and accents as well as moody. The study is conducted to observe what behavioral character that makes a business successful and the ones that destroys. For a company to be successful good traits and accuracy must be maintained.
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