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Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:00
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Book review of "A lady's life in the rocky mountains"
Summary of the book
The book is all about an English lady who was obsessed by excavating a rocky mountain. She acknowledges the dangers that are associated with it yet she cannot just overcome the obsession until when she set of on the journey. She goes through tough experiences and almost at the point of giving up. However, the excitement and the need to reach her destination make her to solder on to the end. Despite the unbearable climatic conditions she encounters, she meets with other people who become a source of encouragement all through her journey. Through determination, she arrived to her dream destination as the stories of her achievements rock media houses.
Book's strengths and weaknesses
The books strengths lie on the fact that it communicates an important message of determination and overcoming fear through action. The author used a lady who not only had a weird dream but also worked at realising it (Bird 45). This implies that a person should never be afraid of having big dreams. Fear is the greatest enemy of ambition, but once it has been overcome, victory is sure. The greatest weakness of the book is that the message has not been conveyed in a manner that relates to a general audience. This means that a person may fail to learn from its literature simply because it has been directed to a specific audience.
How this book can be improved
The book can be improved by making it more acceptable to the general audience. The purpose of literature is to pass on a specific message, which even though may relate to a specific scene, it needs to be appreciated by everyone. Not every paragraph may be appealing to all, but making some part of the book significant to all will be much appreciated. If the author has to use some of the statements or the words, there will be need for them to be translated or a brief explanation given. This will mean that even if a person does not benefit from its literal context, they will be able to know the meaning of some vocabularies or statements used. This will help improve the book and make it more appealing.
Bird, Isabella A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains. New York: Echo Library, 2005.

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