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Published: 2021-06-21 23:38:26
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The debate on the prominent issue of same-sex marriage has been very popular in many societies. With the passage of time, the countries are revising their legal policies, rules and regulations. There are some scenarios where people are demanding more flexible rules in order to satisfy themselves. One of such case is of same-sex marriage. People are insisting their local governments for making the same-sex marriage, which is a marriage between two people who are having same biological sexes. There are many countries that have completely refuted this concept of same-sex marriage. Some examples of these countries are Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and other Muslim states because it is not allowed in their religion. But there are many countries that have permitted for the same-sex marriage, e.g., United Kingdom, Brazil, New Zealand, various states of USA and many others (Newton, 2010). In this paper, same-sex marriage and the related arguments particularly the arguments against same sex marriage are discussed in detail.
The laws relating to same-sex varies greatly by the jurisdiction. The same-sex marriage recognition is a social, political, civil right, human right and a religious issue in most of the nations around the world. The countries that are in the favor of same-sex marriage are of the view that the society has changed, so the institution of marriage should also be changed, and it should adopt the modern trends and values that are prevailing in the society. They also argue that marriage is all about commitment and love. A civil partnership is not representation of the equality so same-sex couples should treat fairly in the society (Spilsbury, 2011). Other countries, mostly the Islamic countries, do not accept this concept because homogeneity is not allowed in their religion. According to them the main purpose of marriage is to reproduce, but this is not possible with the same-sex couples.
There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of same-sex marriage. The main advantage is that a couple gets the happiness by loving the same-sex; this makes their life complete and makes both of the individuals happy as long as they live with each other. The disadvantage of the same-sex marriage is that the same-sex couples cannot have their own children. They have to adopt a child, the adoption rate will increase, and the same-sex marriage promotes immorality. Moreover, same-sex couples marriage give rise to the slavery. The men become free to rape the women with impunity. Instead of building relation with the opposite sex, they prefer same-sex, and use their power and authority on women. It will, however, prevent the females from entering into many professions.
The married couples are granted with the inheritance rights that are automatic. They have full right to sue in case of the loss of association, if any other or third part tries to injure the spouse, and deny their companionship and the services. The same-sex couples that are living together also enjoy the flexibility; they have freedom to create their own duties and rights concerning each other. A same-sex couple also enjoys the freedom to execute wills, strong attorney powers for the health care, written agreements and with the careful considerations in financial matters, they can create several advantages associated with marriage.
But, as a matter of fact, the same-sex marriage is a sin, and most of the people have opposed this concept of the same-sex marriage (Lutzer, 2009). The homosexuality is immoral and it God hates it. Bible has regarded the same-sex marriage as the capital offence. As written in bible that the penalty for the individuals that indulge their selves in the homosexual actions is death, and this is true for both the parties. They are themselves responsible for bringing it upon themselves (Johnson, 2004). Marriage is only feasible for the monogamous couple. Same-sex couples cannot be monogamous; it is because of the monogamy that has stabilized the institution of marriage. Such types of marriages pave the way to serious social and cultural concerns and violate the rules and regulations of the society. Considering the fact that parents of opposite sex i.e., mother and father can raise their children in a much better way and make him/her to accept the challenges of life. But, a child that is raised by same-sex parents does not develop the necessary skills and courage to face the challenges of the life, and hence proved unsuitable for the society. Such children are also subject to hatred, because being raised in a home having same-sex couples is just like a punishment for child, as he/she has to face the mental torture given by people raised in a home with proper family.
In a nut shell, same-sex marriage is a debatable issue. The permission of this concept depends upon the values, tradition and the religion that is prevailing in the country. In some countries, permission is granted for the same-sex marriages by making modifications in the legal rules and regulations, while, in others, strict religious rules are followed that have not allowed, and even will not allow the same-sex marriages in future, as they are not according to will and wish of their God.
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