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Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:24
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The book The Tea Party and the Remaking of Republican Conservatism is a book that was written after interviewing Tea Party activists across the United States. This was an exercise that was conducted over a sixteen month period. According to the book, as the digging in into the movement gathered momentum, it became clear that the Tea Party is not the giant obstacle that it’s occasionally painted as. The political approach that is taken by Tea Party members is conservative in nature. Aside from this it has divergent views, interests and goals. Further research into the book was conducted by attending Tea Party meetings, interviewing active members and reading their blogs and websites. The book takes further insight into what is the Tea Party’s most fundamental concern. They feel that hard working Americans are being forced to pay for unworthy free loaders through tax chopped from their hard earned money. The free loaders in this case are classified as immigrants, the poor and the young who get welfare from the government. They saw these a nothing but legal theft from tax funded programs. The other key issue brought up in this book is about immigration. Immigration was and still is a central point of concern to Tea Party members. This is due to the general feeling amongst the members as a sign of broader national decline. The other areas of concern were Social Security and Medical Health Care. Some staunch Tea Party members said that they had worked for a very long time and ought to be rightfully compensated. What they were asking for were not hand outs but a pay out to what they have constantly paid into the system religiously over time.
The book addresses a number of key social issues that plague the United States but people are too afraid to come out in the open to talk about. Topping these issues is the idea of welfare that is being pushed and maintained by the Democrats. The Tea Party members feel that immigrants, poor people and the young are nothing but free loaders who live off the hard earned money of hardworking American citizens. The fact that they feel the welfare beneficiaries feel that they deserve the money is even more painful to them. They further feel like the youth of today have lost the value of work and are too lazy to go work to make an extra dollar. Tea Party movement members further believe that the country’s immigration policies meant that the country was on a broader national decline. In Massachusetts a Tea Party leader said that given the chance, he would go and stand at the border with a gun. In this state, when a survey was done amongst Tea Party members on what were the most pressing issues, this issue of immigration came in at second place. Another pressing point was that of healthcare and social security. Members of this movement said that in terms of social security, they did not want hand outs at retirement but what they had paid as future social security while still working. It also comes out clearly in this book that not all Tea Party members are knee-jerk tax cutters. A woman member in the Tea Party said that she did not mind tax increase as long as it got the country back on track again.
One theory that has really come to the fore in the analysis of these problems is the Elite theory. This theory basically seeks to describe and illustrate how power is distributed in a contemporary society. It states that a small minority of the populous comprising of the economic elite turn the cogs of power which are independent of a state’s democratic election process. This comes to be seen in this book when the writer says that Tea Party members feel that hard working citizens are forced to pay for welfare programs to cater for migrants and the poor. In this case the hard working tax paying Americans are the economic elite and they feel like that they need to dictate the terms of the less fortunate in society. This is seen when a Tea Party member said that the youth of this age ought to get something to do and cherish the value of working. The issue of welfare is one that ranks highest amongst this group of people.
The other theory that is coming to the fore front at this juncture is that of globalization. This is a sociological theory that looks forward to instill gradual international integration coming up from the continuous interchange of global views, ideas and other areas of culture. The spread and growth of this has been caused by a number of factors. The two primary causes are advancements in telecommunication and transportation infrastructure. These two have further been influenced by the rapid spread of the internet. As such it is wrong for the Tea Party Republicans to look so lowly on immigrants coming into the United States. Comments made by the Tea Party leader in Massachusetts claiming that she could stand at the border with a gun have no room in today’s world. With the ever growing and ever need for transfer and sharing of information, ideas and knowledge in this age so critical, immigrants(as long as they are legal) ought to be accommodated in this free country.
Finally, another theory acted out to solve some of these issues is the role theory. It claims that all roles are being acted out of socially defined categories. It goes on to claim that each social role carried out by an individual and is to be fulfilled is purely out of the need carry out his or her duties, rights, expectations, behaviour and norms. This can be greatly illustrated in the case of the Tea Party movements’ concerns. As per this case, The American tax payers roles are clearly put down in law. They pay tax from their hard earned money which in turn goes on to provide for the less fortunate in society as a source of income. This is known as social welfare that is issued as hand outs. Whether the American tax payers want their money to go to the welfare scheme or not, it is not in their place to stake any claim as to what happens to that money. This is because it is nothing other than their responsibility and duty to their country to pay tax.
Michael A. Miles believes that the book has been wrapped up in a cordial and very scholarly tone. This is because he sees that the writers present a carefully researched paper on the Tea Party that raises concern over the random fulminations of liberals and progressives. He feels that the authors of the book do not hate Tea Partiers and they go out of their ways to present their views in a full, fair and friendly way. This is nothing but a reflection of the warmth and welcome they felt when they were conducting their study and saw it fit to give it back He feels that the book is objective and not tending to lean on any side of the political spectrum. He finally taes the book as an outstanding one and still alarming.
John A. Broussard also had his thoughts on this highly rated book. He believes that a combination of considerable research of published material plus and personal visits to the Tea Party meetings paints an intriguing portrait to what the organization amounts to. That is a combo of grass root populism, conservatives, wealthy elites and the backing of a cheering gallery consisting of the right wing media. Despite the fact that the writers are self confessed liberals he feels that hay still go a long way not to taint the Tea Party unnecessarily. He feels that the description was interesting though it offered little analysis.
L. Harrison feels that the book is an honest insight into political movements. This is because he feels that the authors offer a direct insight into the perspectives and views of the new Tea Party Movement. He sees this as being a very good move as they do direct interviews with members of the group and activists unlike depending on media bias.
T. Skocpol & V. Wiliamson (2012). The Tea Party and the Remaking of Republican Conservatism.

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