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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:38
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Race is not only skin deep, but it serves as a person’s imprint in society. It is a power full force that dictates much in a person’s way of living. It is both innate and is influence by the environment. It is innate, because people are born in certain races, where they carry with them genetic traits that define their racial identity. Biological characteristics include color and physical appearance that may uniquely identify various races. Race also plays a significant role in the cultural aspect of living because it carries with it many norms and values that define a society. Religion, moral obligations, societal responsibility and values are influenced by a person’s race. Race creates diversity among societies because it provides identity to groups; people can easily distinguish races due to their practices and appearances.
Race signifies diversity (Race power of Illusion). People are part of the race once they map out their lives in accordance to the norms of their race. Family dynamics, for instance, varies depending on race. The role of family members is different across culture because the different beliefs are results of the nations’ individual histories. However, due to the changing times, even the concept of race is changing (Cultural Anthropology Tutorials). The world became more borderless resulting to many alterations in culture and practices. A person may now be a product of a multi-cultural integration, where he or she identifies him or herself to more than one racial definition. In conclusion, race serves as a fingerprint of society that distinguishes one from another, it must serve as unifying a force and not a reason for discrimination and oppression.
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