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Published: 2021-06-21 23:37:56
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The pop culture is what has been introduced by music lifestyles into the world. Pop culture influences the way we talk the way we dress and act among other activities. Its influence is undeniable as such is evident in our daily lives amongst not just rappers but also their audiences. Most rap music contains a lot of ambition to be great and wealthy at a point in a person’s life, even to be extravagant. This has influenced the society significantly where more young people are interested in becoming successful without working hard. This has lead to market crowding where there are too many rappers awaiting their coronation to the glory as they fancy big names in the industry. All the same, pop culture has influenced our society positively, as well. Initially, it pushed for expression and creativity in its content. Artists would not only rhyme, but also pass an important message. Such messages were not just how wealthy the artist is or how far around the world he or she has travelled but how they have come from nothingness through hard work to something.
The pop culture took America and the world away from the monotony of routine. It aids letting one’s thoughts off his or her chest. However, the pop culture itself has changed. The manner in which rappers and other pop artists write their lyrics changed along with the content of music. In the song ‘sleepless’ G Eazy explains how the artist works so hard just to please his fans. This song mirrors the modern pop culture. He explains that though it seems easy for him to create lyrics; it is also very challenging to maintain good quality of the same. His life becomes so much convenient with many beautiful women and luxuries with which he can easily visit one city after the other. This, however does not make it any easier for him as he has to stay awake at night trying to come up with something new and something good. It is evident that he is not perfect in the song, but that is just about the point. His message is that no one is perfect and that once in a while his life gets too hard for him just trying to make something useful for his fans. This is a reflection of the lives of many other artists in the pop platform who have to keep up with the demand for good music. They are expected not only to deliver good quality but also be consistent at it. This alone gives pop culture essence by ensuring that rappers have to seek depths of the society for material.
According to ‘sleepless’ lyrics, which utilize rhyme very well, the rapper is straining to come up with content. Such is the case in the entire industry and pop culture. The content of music has changed so much that there are all aspects such as rhyme and good beats but poor content material. Not so poor as to mean nothing at all, but poor in that it lacks educative sense. It encourages putting other artists down rather than creating one’s content to be his own. The song ‘sleepless’ mentions that all other rappers are weak and that their music is boring. It goes without saying that the aim is to put competition down by telling them away. In any case, such music forgets the very essence of life and leaves the youths hanging solely to the hope of becoming good rappers and millionaires in an industry that is clearly very congested. It encourages them to compete against one another as artists rather than work together to push the pop culture forward for a better society. It is necessary to realize the initial purpose of rap music and pop culture, after all, such legends as Tupac Shakur are regarded for preaching reasonable messages that are of concern to the society, and it’s good. It would be right, therefore, to encourage upcoming rappers to focus on their content and the material of it in order to assure them of a great career in music. They must be certain to put all effort and commitment into such music so much that they must consider its every aspect. This will help in avoiding such songs as would influence other young people to work for the millions in cash that come with being a rapper without realizing the effort and the necessity to preach good messages to the society. As a matter of opinion, producers have over time developed very good beats and such material, but which rappers continually fail to match. They are growing in two very opposite directions.
In the song, the artist also seeks support from his audiences saying ‘promise me you’ll pray for me.’ It seems like he goes as far as he possibly can for his fans to show loyalty to his music. He is therefore asking them to support him in turn. He makes it very clear that even when it seems like success and money, travelling and luxury is his life, he has to work very hard to provide what his fans expect of him. It is important to redefine the pop culture every once in a while through music and events such as awards. This way, artists realize that they should not only expect to receive but to give. If artists work on influencing the content material of music in the industry, then the pop culture will not only be influenced positively, it will be maintained so. It will be something that can be enjoyed as a source of cultural identity that has been used for good and which may be sustained for the good of future generations.

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