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The book is a historic one. The beginning and the end of the writing refer to the ancient city of Troy under the myth of Britain’s lineage. The books refer the way of Britain’s Trojan founder, Brutus. The translator of the poem makes an introduction of the British greatest leader, the legendary King Arthur (Armitage 12). The main action of the story takes place at the Camelot court where Arthur introduces a new game since it was New Year and game challenges were routine during holiday celebrations.
The poem is plotted during a New Year’s Eve feast at King Arthur court. At the beginning, a stranger comes in and without introduction; he claims to see the owner of the court. Arthur responds by moving forward and asks for a game challenge. Sir Gawain moves forward and takes the challenge (Armitage 28). This was the beginning of what build the whole story as he goes to Green Knight for a return game.
Nature of chivalry
The live of Green Knight and Sir Gawain is under the control of determined codes of behavior. Particularly the code of chivalry is actions determiner of the life of the characters in the poem. The idea comes in from a Christian based perspective of the Christian morals as they seek to promote spiritual ideas in a spiritually sluggish world.
The letter of the law
Green Knight and Sir Gawain provoke the legal enforcement as they enter into abiding agreement. This literal legality is attached to the medieval Europe and it can be associated with the Old Testament rules and regulation. However, the Christians reference to the letter of Paul is that the enforcement of the law is less important than serving its spirit.
Honor, Courage and loyalty
Arthur is honored as a King (Armitage 45). When Knight enters without introducing himself demanding to see the person in charge of the game challenge, everybody was quiet a waiting Arthur to reply to Knight. Knight confirms that Arthur honor has been loud everywhere and thus he was there to inspect Arthur’s court. The book by this demonstration of honor is a replica of the legitimacy of the Camelot’s politics.
Honor is in demonstration in the translation in that the people in the context of the poem honor Christmas Eve. The writer documents that the celebration was carried with honor with people relaxing placing game challenges and exchanging kisses in addition to prayer performance. Sir Gawain shows honor to Virgin Mary. He honorably repents his sins and praying that he finds a place to attend the Christmas mass. The main character in the poem is honored, as his reputation is in no doubt known to be good to everybody.
The Green Knight shows courage as he dears to enter Arthur’s court and without introduction, he demands to inspect the court despite knowing the honorary of Arthur. He courageously does not hesitate when he was to face the game challenge. Sir Gawain also shows courage when his head had to be chopped off by the Green Knight at the return game challenge. After two times lifting of the axe, he does not hesitate or show any fear. Loyalty is shown by Sir Gawain at two occasions first when he humbly prays. He further, shows this when he enter Green Knight territories as he salutes to the get keepers despite his reputation (Armitage 87)
In sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the characters proof to be brave. The Knight offers an axe to the person who can proof to be brave enough to take up blows against him. This is with the stipulation that one day the blows will be returned. Arthur becomes the first one to accept the offer. However, Gawain jumps up and asks for honor himself. He asks for the name Sir Gawain to be honor for him. Although Arthur was the first one to step forward, Gawain becomes the first one to behead the Knight. However, the Knight himself is not pleased. He tells Gawain to follow him to receive the honor of Sir Gawain in the Green chapel one day after one year. The bravery of Gawain continues to present itself as he goes on with the legend to look for the Green chapel to receive the honor promised by the Knight. With his courage and determination, he goes until he finds Bertilak who offers him the name Sir Gawain. Bertilak offers kisses to Gawain as an honor of the name Sir Gawain. Sir Gawain only kisses Bertilak, as he does not want to offend her.
At last Gawain find, the Knight at the chapel and the Knight reveals he was Bartilak and he has been testing Morgan. Gawain finally returns to Camelot and relates the story to Arthur and even the other Knights and he is honored with name Sir Gawain. As compared to Gawain courage, Odyssey’s courage in the book of Odyssey of Homer is similar in that both of them go for adventure with courage. Odyssey with his men go to the island home of Aiolos, a king to whom the gods of that area had given power to control the winds.Oddyssey is given the bag containing the wind of power by Aiolos as they go back to their homeland (Mandelbaum 11). The men steal the basket from Odyssey thinking it contains the treasure. They are taken back to the island leaving Odyssey alone. They sailed on and reached the land of Laistrygonians. Here the giants attack them. Finally, Odyssey goes and rescues them by use of the charm given to him by the god. Although Odyssey’s and Gawain courage are similar, they also differ. This is because Gawain goes for adventure alone while Odyssey goes with his men. Beowulf also portrays the same courage as the other characters as he is a warrior and saves the community.
The two characters in these different stories portray honor.Gawain looks for the title Sir Gawain that is a form of honor to show respect. Arthur the king honors Gawain after returning from the green channel (Mandelbaum 56). This honor is an attribute of his courage. Odyssey also receives honor after returning with his men from the island. The honor is in form of praises and entertainments. Both the characters receive honor after saving the society from danger.
Different characters in these different books portray loyalty. Gawain portrays loyalty to the people by going to fight for the community ( Heaney 59). He is loyal to himself and that is why when seduced by Bertilak’s wife he refuses. Odyssey’s loyalty is also similar to the Gawain loyalty as he is also loyal to the society and he fights to save the society. Beowulf shows similar loyalty to the society by fighting to save it.
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