Muscular Failure Training In Conditioning Neuromuscular Programs Article Review Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:22
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Medrano’s article “Muscular Failure Training in Conditioning Neuromuscular Programs” offers substantive insights on the compounding factors that are closely aligned with muscle failure. The main point addressed by the current article is the fact that muscular failure resistance training are not recommendable because they predispose athletes to certain risks. Even so, adequate planning enhances the feasibility of such trainings, particularly amongst the advanced practitioners.
Conclusively, the current article addresses issue regarding muscular failure resistance trainings that are often referred to as neuromuscular training programs. Nonetheless, available statistics indicate that neuromuscular training programs depict wider variations with regards to the manner in which induce muscular damage. Many at times, neuromuscular training programs have shown an increased likelihood of inducing structural damage on the muscles.
How the author supports his claims
In support of his notions, the author in the current article offers a biological viewpoint on the manner in which neuromuscular training programs tend to induce muscular damage. (Medrano, 2010) assert that muscular regeneration is the main factor that determines an individual’s ability to resist intense training activities. It is through muscular regeneration that the muscles are able to gain the strength to sustain resistance trainings. For this reason, muscular resistance training programs induce muscular damage because they strain the capability of the muscles to sustain training activities. Overall, the article utilizes biological facts in expounding its assertions.
Personal thoughts
An analysis of the current article depicts the existence of bias based on the fact that the author does not explicate the positive implications of neuromuscular training programs. Nonetheless, I concur with the notions contained in the current article based on the primary fact that neuromuscular trainings exceed the optional risk-benefit ratio of an exercise. This poses immense danger because to results in an increased occurrence of muscular damage. While such notions are true it is essential to note that neuromuscular trainings have potential of reducing Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries. Overall, Medrano, 2010, gives a wider berth on issue relating to neuromuscular trainings. However, there is a need for more research on this topic.
Medrano, I. (2010). Muscular failure training in conditioning neuromuscular programs. Journal of Human Sport & Exercise, 5(2), 196-213.

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