Methodology For Change Case Study

Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:29
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Hard system methodology of change is one of the developments in the process of change which focus on each and every aspect including the research, system engineering and management of the project. It focuses on determining the objective then taking certain actions to achieve those objectives and at the end it evaluates those options against certain criteria (Todnem By, 2005). So, there are three phases which Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Corporation has also gone through recently. Initially, in the description phase, the situation was summarized where the company found that it needs to automate the system completely because manual handling was not only lengthy but also involved more errors and man-hours involved were also greater. It has identified the need and also the main objective for the change; while the performance measures would be cost reduction, and time saving which shall increase the revenue. In order to bring the change, many options were generated but from amongst all, the chosen was to train the current employees and make them comfortable with the electronic system. For this purpose, the management had already been trained and they hired professional experts on training and also experts from the Dubai Insurance Company which was running an automated system. The training involved complete education as well as first hand experience of the machines on the facility. So, the need to training was identified in the first phase while the several options were considered in the second phase where the option of classroom learning was chosen (Engestrom, 1994). For the implementation of training, proper strategies were formulated where each and every decision was taken even about the facility and the machinery involved. The training was a formal training which took place for a week where the first 3 days were simply learning and educating while the rest 3 days involved experiencing under supervision of the trainers while on the last day a formal test was conducted where the trainers used the machines without supervision.
Engestrom, Y. (1994). Training for change: New approach to instruction and learning in working life. ILO.
Todnem By, R. (2005). Organisational change management: A critical review. Journal of Change Management, 5 (4), 369--380.

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