Kant Case Study Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:14
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Immanuel Kant argues that he is enacting a Copernicus Revolution in Philosophy following his introduction of an absolute construction that brought an end to the differences between empiricists and rationalists. Indeed, Kant employs metaphoric language for in essence he refers to the effect his works has on philosophy. These effects are equated to the effects Nicolas Copernicus’s works had on astronomy. Indeed, Kant’s approach is seminal for it influences the direction in philosophy and lays the ground for future thinking. He argues convincingly of the central role the brain plays in the human thought processes. Kant advances the argument for an appreciation of senses as the source of knowledge. This argument falls along with the empiricists’ argument. However, Kant disagrees with the empiricists’ take on the role of the human mind. According to Kant, the human brain plays a substantial role in the construction of knowledge by the human being. In essence, it is the brain that coordinates the senses. In the same strain, Kant appreciates the rationalists’ argument as to the presence of innate ideas such as the self, substance and identity.
In overall, the Copernicus Revolution suggested by Kant refers to the change in epistemology in philosophy. This is attested by the fact that the ensuing discussion throughout the following centuries on concepts of reality and knowledge are made in appreciation of the role of the human brain in construction of the concepts. In other words, Kant lays the foundation for the consideration of the human brain. One may go further and argue that it is from Kant’s postulation that the concepts of knowledge and reality are understood and the working of the human brain is appreciated. This, therefore, supports his claim of having occasioned a Copernicus Revolution in philosophy.

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