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Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:09
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This summary will reflect over the wonders of science through four articles. The topics that will be discussed are robots. Robots can be seen, in the developments, in many fields.
This field is constantly researching and updating because of our incredible technology developments of our society. The possibilities that might be able to accomplish through this could save a life and make our world even more powerful. That is the beauty of the power of science with robotics.
“Military Lays in Push for Robotic Ground Vehicles,” by John Markoff provides an in-depth picture of this robotic vehicle to support our solider. The article states about the challenges this vehicle makes for attaining a budget. These are expensive devices. These devices are ten times the sophistication of the famous James Bond car. It mentions also how the military is lagging with this development.
Money is an important issue; especially in the field of robotic of science. Robotics can be designed for countless different reasons. The same goal for most of these projects is to help. That is one of the gift that science provided.
“Thought Controlled Prosthetic Limb to be Tested on Human Subjects,” also provides an in-depth picture of this device. The article talks about how this arm would move. It also states how it received generous money donations that were awarded to help with the research process of this project. Again, without the money for these research projects we would not be far advance with robotics. That is why those people and companies that make donations help research with robotics research are greatly apprenticed.
“New “Bionic” Leg Give Amputees a Natural Gift” shows a picture of the researcher and an amputee with the bionic leg. This article explains the challenges that the amputees deal with in life with movement. They explain how this bionic leg support and the foundation. It also mentions it was a seven-year process of research.
“Stepping out in Style toward an Artificial Leg with a Natural Gait,” these talks about further development with the artificial leg. It also mentions the challenge that an artificial leg has to compare to standard, and how this deign foundation of the gait, help support the leg. There is a photo here as well of this device. This picture is not in depth as the previous pictures.
Again, science will always be changing with the advancements of technology. Again, that is what makes science fun. These four articles show the many directions that the fields of robotics can take a person. Through the continue advances of science, the journeys are endless.
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