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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:29
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Education and knowledge has been the way ahead for the population since times past. The formal training in the field of Education is quintessential to enhance the capability of an individual to pursue his or her journey in the path of imparting knowledge and teaching the students. A rigorous study of the discourse would further enable the updating of educational skills as well as it would educate about the various useful techniques which can be utilized in the process of teaching the students. Thus, this course is of omnipotent importance in the context of gaining knowledge and having perfection in the processes of teaching.
It is my subjective goal to teach the high school students about Latin American Culture, Spanish and Spanish Literature. Culture and the cultural markers have always been the life and blood of a community. Thus, in the field of Humanities it is of utmost importance to know more about the respective cultures and spread the knowledge. This course of study would hone my skills and would render me the capability to achieve my ambition of imparting knowledge among the youngsters.
While the world has taken the form of a ‘global village’, we are advancing toward monoculture. Hence, it becomes all the more important to know about the cultural roots and histories of different communities so that the rich heritage is not lost in the boom of populist culture and consumerism. In the context of United States, the Latinos are the fastest growing population and hence their cultural heritage cannot be overlooked in any way. It is through the preservation and spread of the culture that the civilization would preserve its identity and heterogeneity. For fulfilling the aim of delving deep into the roots of the Latinos and thereby teach about their culture and identity, this course is of paramount importance.
Thus, the formal degree in Education would be of the greatest help in the path which I wish to tread.

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