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Published: 2021-06-21 23:38:24
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The Great Depression and the New Deal reshaped the American economy as well as its society, government and culture from predominant social and economic issues. The Americans were troubled by the deleterious political, social and immoral acts of the federalist financial system in 1801. This system was regarded as a driver of corruption in both the political system and the nation at large. The construction of railway and industrial revolution led to massive urban migration, which contributed to social and economic issues such as immorality, ethnicity and unemployment among others. This brought about several debates among the Jeffersonian debates, which demonstrated how the government free from any taint of corruption and liberal international commercial order would reduce these social-economic issues.
Workers lacked adequate purchasing power during the 1920s to purchase the products of industrial America. They were denied the benefits of increased in their own productivity. The consequence was the relative decline of mass purchasing power. Similarly, there were great income disparities because of enacting tax cuts for the rich. Therefore, the Wagner Act, which was enacted to resolve the labor issues, was overwhelmingly positive. Its intentions were excellent, and its result seemed to be positive. For instance, the unemployment rate decreased from 25 in 1933 to 15 percent by the early 1937.
The Wagner Act did not solve the great depression, but it was a good start toward the right direction. It had achieved a more just society by recognizing the farmers, industrial workers and ethnic groups, which had been highly unrepresented. Therefore, the new deal ensured there was longer oppression against the common man. The greatest positive accomplishment of the Wagner Act was to ease the economic issues encountered by millions of Americans. Hence, the new deal managed to promote many needed changes.

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