Good Example Of Ponoco Race Should The Carters Participate Article Review

Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:45
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John and Fred carter are under pressure of making a decision whether or not to race in Pocono. The dilemma is as a result of seven engine failures out the 24 races the carter team had faced. Paul, the engine mechanic has a gut feeling temperature is the main cause of damage to the gaskets. Tom disagrees with this as he considers there is no conclusive evidence for this. If the engine blows up during the Pocono race, Carters’ will lose out on their $500k oil contract, it will result in negative reputation for their team lowering the team morale, and they will lose the Goodstone sponsorship. If they win, they procure an annual contract from Goodstone, and secure more finance for Carter racing. Taking into consideration the gains and losses of racing, the lack of data to prove or disprove temperature affecting the gaskets, the potential of a low temperature during race day, and the chances the carters have in procuring more sponsors during the next session, my recommendation is, ‘the carters’ should withdraw from the Pocono race’. The one notable fact is the team’s car is fast as they made use of a high-strength aircraft alloy which was not temperature sensitive, unlike the material used for the gasket. As carter team has the potential to develop a more effective gasket that is less temperature sensitive they should pool their finances for those efforts now. The carter team stands to gain more if they worked on improving the gasket for the next racing season. Though temporarily the Carter team will suffer $50,000 loss, with a futuristic outlook it becomes evident this is a good decision. They will keep the $500k contract, at the same time they will stand a good chance of attracting the attention of other major sponsors apart from Goodstone next season. It will also ensure their team members stay motivated, and work towards excelling in the next season.

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