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Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:12
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Major writers of early American literature by Emerson Wisconsin are a very interesting collection of works in literature by American gives the history of America through literature and from a literature point of view. Among these works in the collection s cotton Mather by Sacvan Bercovitch. Sacvan Bercovitch surgically dissects the personality and religious ideologies of cotton Mather. He lays the psychology of cotton Mather right on the table for public viewing and judgment. He especially focuses on the strain of religion advocated by cotton Mather and why this strain of religion had such a polarizing effect at the time. The essay focuses on the happenings of the 18th century and it evaluates Christianity and religious ideologies from the perspective of cotton Mather and from the perspective of the Christian elite. The author is capable of seeing cotton Mather in a different way that was previously unexpressed by other authors. The author has a deep understanding of Christianity. The author also has a detailed understanding of the brand of Christianity that cotton Mather brought to the table. The author also has a deep understanding of the psychology of the Christian community in the 18th century. This enables the author to analyze and evaluate their treatment of cotton Mather.
The primary goal of the book is the disambiguation of cotton Mather both as a man and an idealist. The author achieves this to perfection. He leaves absolutely no stone unturned. The author explores the scriptures that motivated the frame of thought of cotton Mather. The author also clearly explains the mental state in which cotton Mather was in when undergoing persecution. Clearly cotton Mather was a man only afraid of failing to serve his God. Any feelings of inadequate service towards his creator left him a broken man and he yearned to serve his God even more and more. The author suggests that cotton Mather was motivated by a sense of inadequacy. Anytime he felt a sense of inadequacy or under achievement he became motivated and strived much harder to achieve much more.
In my opinion the author does an extraordinary job in this work on cotton is very interesting to see how the author dissects every action by cotton Mather and gives it greater meaning and significance. I would recommend this book for undergraduate scholars as it will help them understand the philosophy of religion much better.

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