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Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:40
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Color is among the most influential elements and has tremendous expressive qualities. Photographers and artists are aware of the importance of using contrasts to create different feelings. For example, the low contrast image ‘Terminal c, 1892’ is used to welcome the viewer to the pre-industrial ages of the town.
Value implies to the relative lightness or darkness of a surface. For example, navy represents the dark value of blue. It is significant to master the use of color in design and fine arts. Any color can be described on the basis of its value and hue. Value is an important tool that can be used by the artist to create spatial illusions. The lighter the color, the greater its value and the more light it emits. For example, light yellow is much brighter than navy blue. White produces the highest reflective value whereas black has the lowest.
Contrast of value helps to separate objects in space whereas gradation of value creates mass and contour in a contiguous surface. When one makes contrasting hues are made similar in value, spatial effects are flattened out. Contrast affects communication and expression. High contrast normally increases visibility and legibility of the form. Value distribution can also be said to be the proportion of light and dark in the picture.
In conclusion, if values are close shapes will often seem to flatten out and may appear to be closely connected in space and none will stand out from the rest. Whereas if value contras, the forms will appear to separate and some will always be conspicuous than others. This can be used whether the colors are black, white or gray, or even if hues are involved.

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