Good Do We Care For People's Health Or Ill-Health In Australia Argumentative Essay Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:37:48
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The Australian health system entails several layers of responsibility, and mainly the funds are supplied by government authorities, individuals, health suppliers and private health insurance firms. From the Australian Health Care System, it is clear that the "Primary Care" is mainly offered locally by general practitioners (GPs) that are mainly self-employed. Furthermore, it is important to know that GPs additionally work as ‘gatekeepers, referring individuals to professional healthcare services were required. The second system is known as "Acute Care" that is basically offered by the Public or private hospitals. Secondly, the Public treatment option from the hospital is basically free for local patients. However, the public hospitalization could be the result in long waiting times. Moreover, the private hospitals focus on individuals who want selection of doctor as well as private ward accommodation and can include an increasing number of ‘day-only’ professional services. ("My Dr")
A variety of low-cost or free public health solutions, such as immunization and mental health solutions, are supplied by local community health services. Also, the subsided aged care solutions, for example, home aged care, are supplied by a mixture of non-profit, government and private companies. Medicines are distributed by exclusive community pharmacy technicians who are mainly paid by the government through a pharmacy agreement to distribute drugs subsidized underneath the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme). ("My Dr")
With regards to effectiveness of the Australian Health System, it is found that when this system is compared with another health system of the world, it is evident that, the Australian Health System is capable of delivering above-average health outcomes. It is believed that despite the poor life expectancy of our native people, Australia still rates high for offering state of the art health life expectancy. Moreover, as per the report of the WHO (World Health Organization), Australians can live a life with an average of 74 health years. ("My Dr")
The Food and Health Dialogue was introduced through the federal government in the middle of 2009 to enhance the nutrition profile of foods as well as to educate the consumers regarding their diets. However, the new studies have shown that within the first 4 years, the main targets were set only for 11 selected areas out of 124, that accounting mainly (8.9%) and nothing had been delivered. Moreover, there was no such evidence that the proposed educational programs had been executed. (Neal )
It is studied that in Australia, the problem of poor diet is the main reason for a lot of deaths rather than smoking. However, the main emphasis of the government is towards controlling the tobacco and its causes; therefore, it is not doing well in the food section. If we like to deal with the main health issues such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease, then we need to implement the Dialogue objectives. The huge amount of sugar, salt and fat added to our food products by the industry are now the main cause of ill health in the country, and to resolve this issue the Dialogue is the only serious attempts to get on the top of the issue. ("Australian Institute of Health and Welfare")
It is true that is a complicated and continuing process. Some organizations are already creating a genuine effort, but in case you consider the main issue than you will understand that the government is dealing the issues with a slow pace. However, the need of the hour is that the Government should make this a priority. Furthermore, there is a need to find a right way to improve a procedure that depends upon the voluntary engagement of the marketplace. For instance, the high authorities and powerful group such as "Australian Food and Grocery Council" can provide better solutions for this.
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