Gender Discrimination In Workplace Course Work Samples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:05
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Essay One

Gender discrimination has been an issue of concern. Many people have been subjected to discrimination because of their gender. In the workplace, a lot of people especially the female are often oppressed because of their feminism. A lot of employers have taken the advantage of the females to treat them as less important as compared to their male counterparts.

In the workplace, the females are discriminated during recruitment, remuneration and promotion. Instead of treating the female workers in a similar manner to the male employees, many employers discriminate upon them. For instance, when there is a job vacancy to be filled, a qualified female applicant can be rejected even if she emerges top. The same thing is repeated when there is need for promotion, salary increments and maternity leaves. Instead of giving them equal treatment just like their male colleagues, many employers deliberately choose to oppress them. Surprisingly, a woman employee is often denied maternity leaves. In case of pregnancy, they are either refused payable leaf or rendered jobless. This is a very unfair practice which should not be condoned.

Indeed, this is a very serious problem which requires an immediate solution. Thus, I am writing this paper to sensitize my readers to understand that gender discrimination is a bad thing which should not be practiced at all. As an activist, I would like to use this article to appeal to the employers to give all their employees equal treatment regardless of their gender. This will motivate the female folk and make them be a proud part of the society.

Essay Two

In order to effectively communicate my message to the intended audience, I will decide to adopt the use of a poem. A poem is appropriate for making such a communication because it will enable me to appeal to the audience. However, while doing this, I will ensure that I structure my message in a manner that will be seeking to address the right information. Meaning, I will do all that I can in order to provide a resourceful information capable of convincing the audience.

The use of poem will be a good idea since it will be using a figurative language such as similes, metaphors and symbolism. These will play an integral role of engaging the minds of the audience. This will provoke their thoughts and make them think deeper as they interpret the message. Actually, a successful use of poem will be instrumental in establishing logical and ethical appeals.
Since I understand the significance of communication, I will ensure that I use this platform to persuade the audience to consider my messages a well-thought idea which will appeal to their emotions and logics. They should be made to understand that gender discrimination is a very big problem which needs to be resolved. However, this can be extremely difficult to achieve if no appeal is made to the concerned stakeholders to deal with it.

This is why I will use my poetry skills to create sense to the audience to not only listen, but to act. Gender issues should be addressed with a lot of seriousness because it touches on women who play a significant role in the contemporary society.

Essay Three

Becker, Gary. The Economics of Discrimination (2nd Ed.) Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2003. Print.

This book was written by Becker Gary. It gives more information about workplace discrimination. According to this writer, this unethical practice has become prominent amongst several employees. It has sensitized me to understand the magnitude of workplace discrimination in different sectors of the society. Besides, he makes me know that gender discrimination is a bad practice which should not be tolerated. It does not only affect women, but interfere with the rate of economic growth. This makes it so insightful for analyzing workplace practices which are practiced by many employees who often take advantage of the dominant males in oppressing their female counterparts.

Darity, William and Mason, Patrick. "Evidence on Discrimination in Employment: Codes of Color, Codes of Gender". Journal of Economic Perspectives (2002) 12 (2): 63–90.
In this article, Darity and William reports on the research they did on different aspects of discrimination in the workplace. From this article, I understand that gender has been prominently used as an important factor for discrimination a section of workers in the workplace. At the same time, it enlightens me on the way gender is used as a qualification during the recruitment processes in such organizations. If properly used, this book can really help in understanding the nature of employers who often focus on gender and color while dealing with their workforce. This knowledge is fundamental because it can be used as a basis to condemn these practices.

Trentham, Susan and Laurie Larwood. "Gender Discrimination and the Workplace: An Examination of Rational Bias Theory". Sex Roles (2005) 38 (112): 1–28.

In this article, Trentham and Laurie give a candid argument about gender discrimination in the workplace. It is indeed a work of extensive research which reports on the reasons why many employers discriminate against their employees. It is very useful because it helps me to understand the significance of male chauvinism and conservative practices which propel them to behave like that. Besides, it enables m to learn that the females also contribute to this practice because they often remain silent about it. This explains why it has persisted. Such information can be instrumental in helping me to advocate for gender equity.

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