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Published: 2021-06-21 23:37:53
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Introduction and thesis
Gay adoption occurs as one of the most equivocal topics that have generated an immense debate across various settings all around the globe. In fact, gay adoption occurs as one of the most equivocal topics across various contexts. Speaking of gay adoption this connotes to act of allowing gay couples to adopt children (Greenberg et al. 14). While much has been hypothesized regarding gay adoption is essential to note that there are various ways in which gay adoption is good. Those opposed to gay adoption often articulate gay couples are a bad example to children and allowing them to adopt children will allow them to influence these children in bad way. Such notions are unfounded based on the fact that gay parents have proved to be even more competent on parenting than heterosexual couples. As such, gay adoption should be allowed across various settings all around the world.
Supporting views
One of the most comprehensive reason that justifies the notions that gay adoption is good aligns with the fact that the concept on gay adoption is solely intended to allow children without families such as orphans to get one. Precisely, gay adoption offers a comprehensive platform in which these children can get a family, which plays a critical role in the development of these children across their life spans (Knox 56). By adopting homeless children, the gay couples change the live of these children in a positive way. This is because they cater for all the needs of these children such as the need for food, clothing, education and shelter. Above all, the gay couples who adopt these children show love and compassion for them; hence, which brings huge difference to these children. Worth noting is the fact that gay couples are not any different from gay couples in terms of parenting. In fact, recent researches have indicated that gay parents are more competent in parenting than heterosexual couples. This analysis justifies the need to allow gay adoption.
Another reason that justifies the fact that gay adoption is good aligns with the fact that there are millions of orphaned children whose fate is unknown. This is because adoption homes have been overwhelmed by the increased number of orphans. For this reason, gay adoption is good because it relieves adoption homes that have been dwindled by the persistent increase in the demand for adoption (Wintemute 20). In addition, parenting is not limited to heterosexual families alone. In fact, it is not necessary that a child should be raised by his or her biological father. Deductively, gay couples are fully functional societal members who should be allowed access to various privileges including the right to adopt children. Furthermore, gay couples have all the characteristics that one should meet in order to qualify to become a parent, which include being responsible, trustworthy and loving (Zastrow & Karen 76). This justifies the reasons as to why gay adoption is good.
Opposing views and counterargument
As previously connoted herein, those opposed to gay adoption claim that gay couples are bad examples who might influence the children they adopt in a negative way. These notions hold some ground because of the fact that homosexuals go against religious beliefs of the society. Precisely, religion defines marriage as the union between a man and a woman. In addition, gay couples impeach on the traditional goal of marriage, which is procreation. Therefore, the children adopted by gay couples may end up emulating these attitudes, which are not all that good. However, such notions are not well substantiated because even children raised in heterosexual families may end up being gay (Mucciaroni 24). In fact, being gay is a personal choice that is not influenced by the sexuality of ones parents. In conclusion, gay adoption should be allowed across various contexts.
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