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Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:39
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Part I
Research essay refers to as the type of writing that requires a writer to read instructions carefully and before starting to write one must explore the subject to which the instructions denote in order to find the topic. Once the topic is understood, a writer must then find resources relating to the topic and locate information regarding the subject. Then read the information carefully in order to find applicable information which would then help a person to organize his/her thoughts. This process may require more time as different skills are employed to ensure a certain level of accuracy hence one must have some formal training regarding how to carry out research and organize information for the final step which is putting it into writing (Kuhlthau 177).
The term research essay does not cause anxiety in so far as a person is well equipped to with the necessary knowledge of how to find information. The essay does not have to be formal. However, one cannot express their own opinion since the information to be given in a research essay should come from research except in cases where one is specifically requested to provide his/her own thoughts.
Part II
It is not necessarily true that when two experts disagree then one is wrong. This is because experts form their opinions according to how they think and work. Opinions may also differ depending on the methods used to research on a certain issue. However it does not mean that out rightly one is wrong unless it can be proven that an expert manipulated the process in order to reach a premeditated conclusion.
It is also not true that everything that a person reads in from textbooks is true. This is because textbooks are usually opinions that have been made by other human beings and as a matter of fact every human being is prone to err. Consequently, opinions in textbooks are usually made after the author has done his/her research regarding a subject. An author must therefore investigate, find information, read and understand, synthesize the information, form an opinion and write. Every person’s ability to read and understanding information is relative and text books are written are written from the author’s understanding and perspective (Stewart 206). It is not always that the understanding or perspective of an author is accurate. While reading a text a person must keep this fact in mind.
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