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Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:20
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Question 1
Marketing is the process of preparation and effecting the conception, valuing, promotion, and dissemination of goods, service and ideas. The primary objective is creating of an exchange that will be able to satiate target consumers and organizations. Marketing thus is the criteria of formulating the information that will add substance to the prospects customers and the current users of one's product. It an essential process to an organization since it is a tool that can enable a company to thrive in business. Moreover, satisfaction of customers through marketing, quality product and quick service delivery should be the core components of operations in any business organization. The paper will exhaust the marketing process as discussed in the article "Strategic Marketing Process".
Question 2
The major elements of the marketing process include planning, documentation, systems and procedures, quality control and feedback review. Obtaining an exemplary result from marketing requires one to keenly follow the above features as will be discussed. Planning enables marketers to put in place tactics and strategies that will meet the wants of the market. On the other hand system and procedures enhances cost-effectiveness, risk minimization, efficiency, flexibility and above all profitability. To add to the list documentation, when handled with accuracy and accountability will fuel the business to deliver more quality in marketing. Having required information at the necessitated time allows the organization to come up with an informed decision on the appropriate marketing approach. Quality is paramount in business operations, consistency results to high standards that lead to more sales and hence profitability. Lastly business primary aim is to make a profit thus if the feedback is reviewed and the result are negative then the management needs to work on the strategies of marketing once again.
Question 3
Work cited
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