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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:34
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TATA steel aims to strengthen the India’s industrial base by the effective utilization of staff and materials within the available resources. TATA steel also aims to achieve productivity using new technology. TATA steel strict to honesty and the integrity, both are the ingredients for a strong and stable enterprise. The company seeks to scale the heights of excellence in all it does in an atmosphere free from fear.
Goals and Strategy of TATA steel
TATA steel is always strict to its ethical culture. TATA steel is to feel proud of its ethical culture. TATA steel has a dedicated team who always been looking to meet the challenging target, safety, and environment protection. The TATA steel aims for a continuous improvement and social responsibility in each and every aspect of its business around the world. TATA steel ensures safety in all its operations. Safety is always a strategic priority of TATA steel. Every activity in the TATA steel aims to design a product not only based on cost effective, but also based on the quality on the product. TATA steel always focuses on the safety and the health of the employee. TATA steel has implemented a process called safety and risk management, since its operations were in the high hazardous condition.
TATA’S Ethical Goal and its Implementation
TATA groups follow certain ethical principles in its productions. TATA steel is one of the companies in India, which always cares for its customers and employees. TATA steel always delivers quality and cost effective products to its customers. TATA steel always cares about our environment. TATA steel has installed its branch in West Bengal, one of the states in India, but the local people near the company protested against TATA steel by saying that “the arrival of the company affects their ground water” so immediately after analysis TATA steel closed its branch in West Bengal by considering the valued issue on environment kept by the people against. TATA steel always follows its mission with ethical principles.
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