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Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:10
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1. Purpose: The Hamadryas baboons (Papio hamadryas hamadryas) are found in their entire geographic range of habitation prefers cliffs to sleep. But, a specific group of Hamadryas baboons in Ethiopia were found to choose doum palm trees (Hyphaene thebaica) exclusively to sleep instead of cliffs, simultaneously other bands of Hamadryas baboons were found to choose cliffs to sleep. Purpose of the study was to observe the specific band of baboons and their behaviour with another band of baboons on the basis of their day to day activities to ascertain the cause for such variation.
2. Aim: Though the characteristics of homelands of all bands of Hamadryas baboons commonly consist of Acacia scrublands, open grasslands and cliffs. Aim of the study was to assess and suggest the possible reasons of exception that specific band (band 3) of Hamadryas baboons in Ethiopia found to opt an unusual sleeping site.
3. Intent: The field study based article presented detailed account of documented evidences and suggestions, why a band of Hamadryas baboons uniquely found sleeping on doum palm trees instead of cliffs.
4. Methodology: From March 2005 to February 2006 a study was based on two different bands of baboons named as band 1 and band 3 of baboons consisting of 210 and 400 approximate members respectively. At the Wasaro, Filoha, Doho region of Ethiopia, the baboons of the both bands were observed in their habitat and sleeping sites day to day. Home range of the bands was recorded and calculated using ArcView 3.1 software. During the day follows they used handheld global positioning system (GPS) for mapping the geographic center, in frequent intervals and recorded data on general band activity, travel pattern, habitat locations and cases of encounter with Afar nomads. Prior to the main observations, data of findings of observations during January to July 2004 and during 1996 to 1998 were also used. In sleeping site of band 3 abundance of palm trees, density of the palm trees per square meter, number of crown on each tree, measurement of trunk circumference, diameter of the palm tree at breast height (DBH) were calculated and per day encounters with Afar nomads were taken into account.
5. Summary statement of the results: Band 3 baboons were identified to choose doum palm trees instead of cliffs as their sleeping site. Band 1 baboons were habitually found to sleep in cliffs and did never sleep in palm trees. On several occasions’ band 1 and band 3 travelled together from same originating point towards their sleeping site but, separated before palm fragment and band 3 proceeded towards the palm trees. The baboons of band 3 followed till the palm fragments frequently and by late afternoon the entire band 3 were always found to have climbed on the palm trees in every occasion. Results of encounter between Afar nomads and baboons of band 3 were never serious, though they observed the evidences of the presence of nocturnal predators in the vicinity of sleeping site of the baboons.
6. Summary of the study: The Anthropological field study by Amy Schreier and Larissa Swedell, at the Filoha outpost of Awash National Park, Ethiopia presented the documented evidence of their findings on Hamadryas baboons that uniquely choose doum palm trees to sleep instead of their usual sleeping site on the cliffs in their entire geographic range of habitation. The study suggested that, the possible factors influencing this unique use of palm trees as a sleeping site might be for having a greater access to the palm trees, to avoid contact with the Afar nomads, lack of cliffs in their home range or to ensure safety from predatory animals.

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