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Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:57
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Business should plan for Unexpected

This article revolves around the social corporate responsibility of an organization. The main theme is the need of the organization to take care of the unexpected catastrophes. The article clearly advice organizations to create emergency response plans which could help them handle any unexpected situation facing their operations in future (Ellen, 2011).
It is therefore important for every corporate to come up with clear communications plan to assist them to overcome unexpected problems facing their organizations. Nevertheless, there is great need for managers and the entire employees of an organization to know in advance the safety in any issue and also understand on how to communicate a quality resolution for the same (Ellen, 2011).

In conclusion, it is recommendable for every organization to train and educate its employees on how to handle uncertainties. In addition, proper decision making is a good tool for ensuring that an organization is free from regular unpredictable issues. Having planned measures is a good move towards handling unexpected business issues. It is therefore advisable for all organization to plan for the unknown early in advance.

Question 1

BP Company has severally appeared in news following its ethical violation. Its violation is with regard to oil spillage which ends up causing environmental pollution which further causes problems to people living around the company and also to marine wildlife. Failure to exercise due care has seen BP cause loss of life to many sea birds, fish and many other living things. The ethics violation involved the company’s management at all levels. It is the work of the management to guide, supervise and monitor all activities of the company. Failure to which it becomes an ethical violation following the failure to carry out duties with due care. This violation can be categorized as a type I ethic I violation because it came as a part of poor management.

Spillage of oil causing enormous problems to the environment stands as violation of standards and compliance regulations of the BP Company. The company is committed to ensuring high ethical behavior when it comes to offering quality services as well as adhering to rules and regulations. Containing oil spillage is one important standard which the company needs to maintain at all levels of its operations. Failure to contain this leads to hazards to the surrounding environment and therefore it becomes an ethical violation for the company. The ethical violation is noncompliance with the environmental rules and regulations.

Severally, BP has been fined for its failure to control oil spillage which can be categorized as negligence. This is because the management together with all other employees are unable to work with due care to avoid the spillage. This has become a big challenge for the BP Company and thus there is great need for the management to focus on the same in order to comply with environmental rules and regulations.

Question 2

How is the workforce changing and for a company what is exactly is diversity and diversity management? Provide examples.

BP has focused on developing a workforce that is representative of the environment in which it operates. Its diversity management is rooted towards ensuring success through empowering the power of its workforce. BP workforce has now changed towards ensuring value of safety for the company, respect, courage and excellence at every business level. The company has come up with diversity management plan focusing on strategy, leadership, capability, culture and general improvement of the organization (Richard & Anna, 2010).
As part of strategy, diversity and inclusion has been made part of the BP’s core values and strategic planning processes. Nevertheless, all the leaders have been included and they are accountable for leading diversity and inclusion. Nevertheless, all the company’s stakeholders are also responsible for the growth and development of its overall talent pool. Finally, the BP’s culture focuses on nurturing various generations and personality styles to grow.

Why are diversity and diversity management significant issues in today’s workplace?

Diversity management is significant in today’s workplace because it is the key to the growth and development competitive advance in the global market. Every organization focusing on developing its market relevancy needs to embrace diversity. This includes the way of thinking, acting and innovating its decisions. In addition, diversity is also important in helping an organization to take affirmative action focused towards protecting the company’s product and services in the market.

Furthermore, diversity management is important today because it helps the organization to increase their adaptability. This refers to improving their ideas and becoming flexible in handling fluctuating markets and customer demands. Nevertheless, it leads to broader service range following a collection of skills and experiences which assist the organizations to provide quality services to the customers. Finally, it helps develop a variety of viewpoints among the workforce since it allows for comfortable communication.

Identify significant issues in your organization or one you know of?

A good example of the significance of diversity is in IBM company where its diversity has seen the become innovative and more successful in the industry for the last 100 years. The company has been changing its operation with respect to the advancement in technology thus making it to be up to date in the market. As a result, its innovation has seen the company grow to higher heights today.


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