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Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:32
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This paper will address the issue of conflict in nursing with reference to a nursing case study. The nursing case study regards the use of authoritarian leadership by the in-charge of an oncology unit. Staffs at the unit consist of five old nurses and six new nurses. Particular questions to be addressed are whether conflict is constructive or destructive and how good leadership affects the outcome of conflict.
Depending on its nature and how it is addressed, conflict can be constructive or destructive. Hot conflict is constructive as it leads to activity and creativity between the parties. Cold conflict, on the other hand, hinders communication as the conflict is denied. Regarding the way it is addressed, there are five common conflict resolution strategies. These are avoidance, competition, compromise, accommodation, and collaboration. Avoidance and competition approaches to conflict resolution can result in the conflict being destructive. Avoidance when it lasts for a long time is dysfunctional as it denies the existence of a problem. Competition leads to winners and losers and may lead to the harboring of resentment. Accommodation, compromise, and collaboration, on the other hand, result in agreeable relationships, mutual understanding, and amicable solutions to conflicts. The latter approaches to conflict resolution result in the resolution of the conflict in a constructive manner. Conflict can be constructive as it can be catalyze new ideas, positive change and growth, and progress. In addition, it can enhance innovation and creativity, motivation and energy, encourage self assessment, provide opportunity for personal growth and more healthier relationships, and foster reappraisal of situations (Vivar, 2006, p. 202).
Good leadership affects the outcome of conflict as it affects the nature of approach adopted for resolution of the conflict by the parties. For instance, in the case study, the old nurses were afraid of bringing up the conflict issue as they feared the consequences of doing so as the nurse in-charge of the ward used authoritarian leadership. Laissez-faire types of leaders, on the other hand, fail to provide directions to their subordinates leaving them confused.
In summary, this paper has established that conflict depending on its nature and how it is addressed can be constructive or destructive. Further, it has established that good leadership affects the outcome of conflict as it influences the nature of conflict resolution approach adopted by concerned parties.
Vivar, C. G. (2006). Putting conflict management into practice: A nursing case study. Journal of Nursing Management, 14, 201-206.

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