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Published: 2021-06-21 23:38:34
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On the philosophical view which studies the most common fundamental problems related to reality, its reasons in the view of the mind and the relative language used in the solving of the problems. Those among them include the common issues that affect the decision making process of a rational human thought.
A fallacy defines a concept that is not true or rather uses poor reasoning in its formal or informal view. Post hoc fallacy is an example of a logical fallacy. It derives the Latin word The post hoc ergo propter hours which means a mistaken notion of a concept because one thing happens after another. The sequence and the logical flow of the events is based on the concept that the first action causes another one respectively. An example of this fallacy is the relative notion that stock markets always go up when there are sun spots. The two events are correlated meaning one causes the other.
The concept of guilt by association on the other view highlights the notion that an individual is attributed to guilt relatively logically without proof due to the fact that the people they associate with are guilty. An example is when Nora hung out with drug dealers and the general conclusive view of her is that she is also a dealer in drugs.
Hence the concept of guilt by association leads to a fallacious non-conclusive view that is if an individual associates with another one involved in a particular activity then one is also an active character in it. Hence these fallacious views brings in diverse views with regards to an individual way of thinking and action pertaining a particular action.
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