Free Argumentative Essay On Deductive And Inductive Arguments

Published: 2021-06-21 23:38:30
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A deductive statement or a deductively valid argument is one that has its premises succeeding to guarantee the conclusion of the argument. An argument is said to be sound if the valid argument has true conclusions. On the other hand, in an inductive statement or an inductively valid argument, the premises are anticipated only to be so reliable that, if they were correct, then it would be improbable that the conclusion is not true. Unlike the deductive argument, which is either valid or else invalid, the success or strength of an inductive argument is an issue of degree since a standard expression for a successful inductive argument does not exist. Inductive reasoning moves from the particular to the general whereas deductive reasoning moves from the general to the particular. To distinguish the difference between the two kinds of arguments, I will discuss on two issues that are my family and my passion for basketball.
The form of inductive reasoning in my family is the situation in which I can state that all members of my family wear glasses, therefore, I will also wear glasses at some point of my life. This conclusion of this argument can be proven false by finding one contrary example. For instance, if there exists a single person in the family who does not wear glasses, then this statement is false. All that stands are that some members of my family wear glasses but I need to examine all of them to conclude that all members of the family wear glasses. This statement is future oriented and as such inductive. All members of my family wear glasses and as such, I predict that all members will continue to wear glasses I included. On the other hand, this statement would stand deductive if its conclusion necessarily follows from the premise i.e. all my family members wear glasses, I am part of the family, therefore, I should wear glasses. This is a valid deductive argument since though the premise may not be true, the form of the argument is valid.
I like either football or basketball. I do not like football. Therefore, I like basketball. This statement is deductive we get to accept the premises and as such, must accept the conclusion too. This is because, in a deductive argument, it is not possible for both the premises to be true and the conclusion to be false. Everyone in my extended family has been a great basketball fanatic and player as such I will also like and play football. Unlike the deductive argument, this argument is inductive since the premises do not guarantee the truth of the conclusion. I may turn out not to like or even play basketball.

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