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Published: 2021-06-21 23:37:55
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The use of guns in US has been on the rise over the years, which has brought many controversies. As much as there are gun rights and laws stating its use, still, there lie some elements that render the use of guns uncouth. The rise of use of guns has always been a hot-button issue that has never sorted clarification in US, especially during elections that it’s almost uncontrollable. Many lives are put to risk, with death reports filling the media, often, they are gun related (Kellermann and Rivara, 2013. pg., 550).
Gun related problems, form the activists to the Congress’s personnel have been lobbying around the issue, although, till date there is no solid solution pertaining its use. As much as an issue has reached the highest court in the past two years, no solution can be said to have been reached. Instead, the use of guns have become worse and without clear regulations pertaining it, the issue will be out of nation’s hand. Therefore, much ought to be done to eliminate the use of guns totally (O’Brien, 2013, pg., 57).
Chicago and Mexico are known for its illegal use and guns and ammunitions over the years, especially the drug cartels based in Chicago. Several measures have been put pertaining such cases, with several bans placed in regions that highly use guns. However, problems lie when it comes to law implementation. Firsts, it is difficult to find law abiding citizens who are willing to give up the use of their guns, whereas another case lies within the force who actually give the citizens the urge to use them and support them in crime using guns (Dube and Garcia, 2013, pg., 400).
As much as Chicago is best known for its illegal use of guns, still, there lie other states who might not be well known for gun use, but still there exist that loop yet to be buried. For example, there has been much concern about the Georgia, who does not have a clear law pertaining guns. Thus, it creates more controversies in terms of its use and often encourages people to hold guns. This has led to unnecessary killings in Georgia, with many reported to be gun related too. The enormous killings in such states prove that these guns should be totally abolished.
Social media has played a big role in disseminating these guns, which has made it easier for people to access them with no much sweat. There are no legalities to obtaining it, thus; many would want to have one due to insecurities surrounding them. However, as much as measures have been placed such as closing the website pages that sell guns, still there lie other sites that are yet to be known, and it lags the process of eliminating guns use.
More laws that are placed have encouraged sheriffs to hold more guns, and more formalities have been withdrawn that encourage people to obtain one or more for their own personal use. Due to this, the nation wakes up to reports of the massacre, for example, the 2012 Newton massacre. The nation wakes up to lootings and killings, homicide cases; family members killed by their own, public demonstrations pertaining massive, unplanned for and illegal killings and many more gun related issues.
Thus, much is yet to be established in abolishing gun use. The only way is to abolish it, from those who obtain them legally for personal use to those who are placed at a prominent position to hold them but still use them wrongly. As much as it can be rendered impossible, laws should be fixed to tighten gun holding with great repercussions following the illegal use and holding of guns. The citizens themselves should not obtain a gun at any cost, with the security personnel holding specific guns and should not access more than what is required.
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