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Published: 2021-06-21 23:48:09
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Question 1: Based on the literature, summarize the role of followership and its significance in the leadership process.

The role of followership is held by individuals in a team, organization or group. Some of the roles of followers include holding up the vision of the leaders, their decisions and working with diligence and cooperation to ensure success in an organization. The importance of this part of followers to leadership is that it ensures smooth operations and enhances support and trust between the followers and the leaders. Another role of followers is to express honest feedback to how they feel about decisions and matters concerning their business .

Question 2: When followers have a participatory role, how do this impact goal setting and performance reviews?

Goals set when followers are given a participatory role tend to be more accommodating and relevant to the overall goals set by the group. Due to this, overall performance is boosted and better results achieved as even the followers are accommodated in the decisions made .Question 3: Include any ethical issues in continuing to promote models of followership in your discussion.
Fairness is an ethical issue that promotes the models of followership. Leaders have to be fair in all their dealings so as to completely woo their followers

. This helps leaders to keep followers for a long time.Question 4: How do globally dispersed work environments impact the roles of leaders and followers?

Dispersed work environments have not eased the roles of both the leaders and followers as contact and decision making is delayed, but with the internet and other electronic technology employed in communication, roles of followers and leaders are clearly cut and remain the same .


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