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Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:26
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In a short autobiographical statement, tell us about yourself. You can write about your education, your family, your talents and passions, particular intellectual influences, people you have met, work you’ve done that has helped make you the person you are, or significant places or events in your life, especially as they relate to your field of study. Also use this portion of the essay to explain any strengths or weaknesses you may have (for example, low GPA, lack of experience, significant interruption in work or studies, unique skills and achievements relevant to the program, or any other information you want to share). Your writing should be informative and reflect your own voice
Early this year, I received an invitation that sparked my desire to further deepen my education in the fashion industry. Just this February 6, I was able to share my mini collection during the New York Fashion Week. I consider that moment as a defining instance in my career because I was able to receive support from prestige fashion editors. Outside of the support of renowned fashion people, what I valued the most was to opportunity to showcase what I could offer as a designer. Currently, I am based in London and is in the process of completing my undergraduate degree in Fashion Design from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design. My homeland is China and it was a big deal for me when I had to move countries to pursue my education. The first challenge I encountered was of course the sudden shift in culture. I was raised in a traditional Chinese family that put a premium in hard work. My parents at an early age taught me discipline and why it is essential to success. I embodied my parent’s teachings because I knew what I want to achieve in my life. My sheer passion for fashion egged me to pursue a Master’s degree because I know that I can further hone my skills.
My move from China to London, like what I mentioned, is not easy. I had to let go of many things back home including my friends. I had to adjust to the European culture that appear in some way different from what I got used to. However, adapting and communicating was never an issue me. There are instances in my college wherein I have to collaborate with other people. I can say that I am good with dealing with teams and working with people. I am very much open to suggestions and constructive criticisms because I see these things as challenges for me to pus myself towards the betterment of my craft.
When I participated in New York Fashion week, I knew that someday I want to showcase a bigger collection of my works. When I see other designers’ works, I can not help but marvel at their innovation and interpretation. I always associate fashion in painting. The textiles are the blank canvases waiting for the artist to do his or her magic. I always considered myself as an innovator. As a person, one of my greatest strengths is my willingness to take risks in my designs. I think that clothes are meant to represent the emotions of people. I look beyond the outer layer of each material I handle and I believe in the importance of both precision and detail. I see fashion as my chance to embedded my identity in the industry. I guess that everyone wil say that in the end, they want to be someone worth remembering. Growing up, I remembered enjoying mixing and matching my clothes, I usually get tired of monotonous clothing and try to transform them into something more visually appealing.
II .Please describe the academic and intellectual interests, progress, and achievements that have contributed to your decision to apply for graduate study in this field. You should include a thoughtful description of your tentative plan of study or area of inquiry in the field as you now envision it, the kind of research questions you intend to pursue, your professional goals, and how this graduate program will help you realize those goals. In addition, include a self-assessment of your work as a scholar, pointing strengths and weaknesses. If you have not enrolled as a student in the past five years, please address anticipated opportunities and challenges in pursuing the degree, and future career expectations upon completion of the program.
Prior to me pursing my undergraduate degree, I took BA Fashion Pattern Making. There I was exposed to the interesting field of textiles. When we were given the task to come up with our own designs, I would always be thrilled because I again to pick my brains to arrive at eye-catching patter design. The people around such as my classmates and professors inspired me to keep going because I saw their dedication. When I pursue my graduate degree, I hope that I can contribute to the improvement of the practice. Culture, for example, I want to integrate this powerful societal factor into my designs. I want to be able to embrace the concepts of best of both words similar to what I encountered when I got used to the life in the foreign land. I want to be globally adequate so that I can meet the demands of a more global market.
In addition, my BA final presentation cored in Elizabeth Bathory. I wanted to incorporate the classical and combine with the 21st century designs. I am fascinated with the detailed tailoring and contemporary designs. I am into Romanticism and Classicism due to their expressive nature. They have freedom in their designs and the designers to given the go signal to showcase their true identities as artists.
I always consider my family, friends and significant other as my main source of inspiration. My hard work and sacrifices are all for them. I consider myself as an unique designer. I am full of fresh and mysterious ideas that can surprise people. I want my designs to carry with them a meaningful existence; I do not want to treat them as merely objects but as things made to exist in this world. I am keen into designing colourful and interesting designs that will bring new flavours into the industry.
I believe that taking my graduate studies in your esteemed institution is a good opportunity for me to expand my expertise and affiliations. I want to be able to integrate variation in culture to my designs so that people from different places will have the chance to celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of their respective culture. Due to my background in textiles, I wish to focus in that specific field. However, I do not close my doors to other facets of fashion. I am willing to master more than one skill related to fashion.
In my humble opinion, the supreme goal or destination that any other artists would strive for is the opportunity to turn his or her ideologies into concrete realities. My goal is to channel my ideas into programs and develop fabrics. I see that use of technology as an important concept that must be studied in line with textile making. I know that as a designer and person, I am still a work in progress.
What I learned from both my transfer of countries and education is that you need to trust yourself that you can make it. The graduate program offered by your university will help me because it will allow me to get more practical exposure to the profession. I am looking forward to meeting other people who share the same love and passion for fashion. I would like to share my brand to the world. Outside of my brand as a designer, I will bring my brand of enthusiasm and dedication. in the future, I envision myself as globally competent and well-verse with the ever changing demands of the world. I do not want to be a passing trend but a timeless personality and influence that changed the landscape of the industry.

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