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Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:36
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The term penalty is used about a form of imposition that is authoritative on individuals or group of people. The imposition, in most cases, is usually unpleasant and undesirable to the people to whom the imposition takes place (Roberts & Mark, 15-45). During the period of the industrial revolution, criminal activities increased significantly. Punishments that were meted on criminals were severe and as time passed, the masses become more conscious of the punishments to administer. Prisons and other legal modes of punishments cropped up with society viewing the eighteenth century punishments and their practitioners as being less civilized.
In the second paragraph, populations became even more conscious and did away with scaffolding as a method of punishment that was regarded as being uncivilized. Morality and humanness became the driving force towards bettering the welfare of criminals. I totally disagree with the notion that criminals are to be seen in the same manner that other members of society should view themselves. As much as the masses should view criminals as they view themselves, they should not turn a blind eye on the results of their criminal actions on other members of the society.
Through relaxed punishments on these criminals, their criminal activities have grown and became so sophisticated to an extent that most nations must spare a large portion of their national budgets in fighting criminal activities. The amount of resources put aside can be put to other developmental activities that are beneficial to the society. In conclusion, therefore, societies much take tough and rigorous stance in punishing criminal activities so as to totally eradicate them and set the society free from consequences of criminal activities.
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