Example Of Mental Health Evaluation Course Work

Published: 2021-06-21 23:45:30
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This is an article whose aim was to identify with the number of individuals who are addicts of adverse alcoholism. The article evaluates the mental disorders that are brought along with exclusive abuse of alcohol as well as poor alcoholic livelihood. It also deals with the co-occurrence of alcohol abuse and dependence with other psychiatric disorders as indicated in the National Comorbidity Survey. This article was aimed at understanding the number of individuals in a household who have fallen victims of excessive abuse of alcohol in the society.

Like any article that would wish to represent truth in terms of research and findings, this article employed exclusive research based on excellent analysis of a given sample. The article has been based on a large household sample. The data for the research was derived from 8098 respondents to the National Comorbidity Survey (NCS). The NCS is a national household survey designed for carrying out certain surveys as this one. Therefore, the sample which may be referred to as random sample was drawn by the statistics body in random manner from various households in the country. Therefore, the sample was equally distributed in the country.

In the survey several statistical designs may be observed. The article employed the study design where behaviors for individuals were analyzed on observations basis. Various people were evaluated through experienced analysts who would tell the effect of the extensive alcohol consumption that the individuals had engaged into at that moment. Correlation is the other tool that was adversely used in the definition of the problem as it rampantly accessed the society. It was used to indicate the extent of problem in both men and women.
This article is educative in various ways. One of the ways through which this article may influence the relationship of an individual with the rest of the society is that it aids in understanding why certain people behave in a given manner, which may be the definition of the influence of alcohol or other addictives. It also helps in understanding that in the society different people are influenced by alcoholism in different ways. One may be indirectly affected by alcohol and it may lead to certain behaviors. Therefore, the article will aid in understanding that alcoholism may affect the abusers as well as the people around them changing their social status.

Values are usually the traits that one holds for livelihood while ethics are rules or principles that individuals are supposed to uphold while living or working in a given environment. For example, when an individual becomes alcoholic, that may define his value of excessive respect for alcohol and irresponsibility of the individual. On the other hand, most employers do not condone alcoholism, which is an ethic at place of work.

Type I error which is also known as the error of the first kind refers to the wrong rejection of true null hypothesis. This statistical error makes one to make a conclusion that there is relationship between objects exists while in reality it does not exist. On the other hand, type II error is that failure to reject a false null hypothesis. Type II error may be referred to as a false negative. In most cases, statistical hypothesis tests are likely to make both type I and Type II errors. It is always advisable to carry out excellent research to avoid such errors which are bound to occur in any research.

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Link: http://archpsyc.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=497788

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