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Published: 2021-06-21 23:48:52
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Good for the World: Hustle Statement - Activity: Part 1

Leading a large organisation will not only be instrumental in advancing my career development, but will be vital in helping the organisation to achieve its long term and short term goals and objectives. In this case, I intend to lead a clothing organisation to achieve its long-term objectives without undervaluing the existing organisational cultures and practices. Initially, the organisation had an effective reputation and its productivity was admirable. However, with increased global challenges including financial and economic crises, the organisation has started trailing behind its competitors in its production and marketing. The purpose of leading this organisation is to assist it recovers its lost reputation. Moreover, I also aim at increasing the organisation status in order to advance its profitability and efficiency. As a professional Business Administrator who have specialised in marketing, I will use my expertise in searching for the market of the organisation’s product. I will also use my competence in instituting modern and most reliable promotion and marketing strategies to advance the organisation’s image. Particularly, by considering my profile of being an excellent problem solver, I believe I fit in leading this embattled organisation.

The aim of my inaugural speech was to update all stakeholders on my vision in leading the clothing organisation. The speech was also aimed at familiarising myself with the leadership and management of the organisation. Organisation employees, organisation suppliers, shareholders and the organisation customers were among the guests who attended the inaugural speech ceremony. The people in the meeting were cheerful and eager to listen to my inaugural speech. Although I was to some extent amused by their reaction, I was determined in ensuring that the audience understands my position and plan for the organisation. After observing the audience, I was confident that the gathering was willing and ready to listen to my vision regarding the success of the organisation. In essence, the crowd was positive and enthusiastic to listen to my inaugural speech. Accordingly, I was existed by the audiences’ response when I was preparing to present my long awaited speech. Moreover, the manner in which the crowd welcomed me made me feel confused and nervous.

In order to make sure that the crowd grabbed the content of my speech, I had to commence my speech by telling them my short-term plan for the organisation and what intended to do for them. In my speech, I ensured that the crowd understood my vision of turning the organisation into a global giant that would be able to compete with other organisation in global market. I also aimed at understanding stakeholders thoughts about the future of the organisation. I realised that the organisation stakeholders’ future aim was to ensure that the organisation regained its lost reputation and increase its profitability in order to fit in modern competitive global market. I also noted that the people in the room required immediate action to counter the current challenges in the organisation. The participants indicated that their immediate aim was to have a leader who was ready and willing to fully engage them in the activities and operations of the organisation. In my speech, I promised my listeners that I was committed and willing to engage them in the organisation decision-making process. Moreover, the participants in the inaugural speech expected the adoption of initiatives and policies that will facilitate appropriate and effective means of transforming the organisation. As a leader I retaliated on my committed in ensuring that, the organisation attains its long term and short-term goals and objectives.

Collectively, I assured the gathering on my commitment in transforming the organisation into a competitive institution. With my limited experience, I informed the gathering on the importance of involving everyone in making structural changes in the organisation. In ensuring that everyone had the required skills in making changes and the vital management changes in the organisation, I demonstrated my commitment to all stakeholders that I will organise systematic conferences and seminars in order to instil the required management and operation skills. On the other hand, I also emphasised on the importance of teamwork and consistent interaction in the organisation. In supporting other stakeholders in creating the world that I envision, I also assured all employees in the organisation on the significance of consistent engagement in achieving the organisation goals and visions. I also promised to create a working environment that will support teamwork and integration

During my inaugural speech, I informed the crowd on my priorities and work plan. The aim of informing the population on my vision and priorities was to access their reactions towards my priorities. In addition, I intended to understand their views towards my priorities. Support from all stakeholders was essential to achieve my objectives and vision. As a new leader in the organisation, my first priority was to identify and understand the factors that resulted to the downfall of the organisation. I therefore proposed to institute a task force that will have the responsibility of searching for the cause of the problem. My second priority was to inform all stakeholders on the identified factors that undermined operations and activities in the organisation. The knowledge on the identified challenges would be critical in facilitating interaction and teamwork in the organisation. Furthermore, I intended to organise another stakeholders meeting to formulate a work plan for solving the identified challenges and complications. The work plan would be a collective initiative that will involve all stakeholders. After formulating the work plan to rectify the identified challenges, I would the set the timeframe of executing the proposed work plan. The evaluation of the implementation was is also essential in examining the success of the plan. The main priority within the first year in the leadership of the organisation was to ensure that, the organisation regain its position in local and global market. I also intend to ensure that everyone understood the need for improving the organisation productivity and effectiveness.
The first course of action as a leader in the organisation was to ensure that the organisation stakeholders understand the areas that required immediate and radical transformation. After identifying the organisation weakness and strengths, the second step was to institute a realistic framework that will address the identified challenges and promote the organisation strengths. Moreover, I planned to involve employees, leaders, and other stakeholders in the implementation of the formulated framework. The final step was to monitor and evaluate the implementation process. The aim of this course of action was to ensure that every professional and individual is adequately involved in running and in the management of the organisation. I also intend at creating a working environment that will enhance employees’ personal and professional development.

Subsequent to the expiry of my time as a leader in this organisation, I would like to leave various landmarks in the institution. Initially, I would like to be remembered as a leader who helped the organisation regard its lost reputation. Furthermore, I will like to be a leader who completely integrated stakeholders and organisation employees in the management of the organisation. After my time as a leader in the organisation is complete, I would also like to be a leader who provided an environment that facilitated employees’ professional and personal development. Moreover, I would also like to be recognised as the only young leaders who significantly advanced the profitability and productivity of the organisation under study. Coming up with realistic and effective initiatives that will help in advancing the organisation efficiency will also be critical landmark in my reign as the organisation leader.
In an effort of ensuring that everyone understands my vision in the organisation, I will ensure that the gathering is completely engaged in the speech. I would give the participant in the room an opportunity to ask any question regarding my vision and operation plan. The necessary rectification will also be enhanced in order to incorporate stakeholders’ opinions and ideas.

After addressing the gathering, I realised that everyone understood my vision. I was pleased by the manner in which the gathering cheered throughout my speech. The gathering expressed a moment of relieve after realising that I had a realistic and a collective plan for improving the organisation. As I concluded my inaugural speech, I noted that with the required support from all stakeholders I could successfully achieve not only my vision for the organisation but also my personal objectives and visions.

Good for the World: Hustle Statement Activity: Part 2

As a leader in the organisation, I played various roles in boosting the success of the organisation. The aim of playing various roles in the organisation was to ensure that other stakeholders and leaders in the organisation feel free to contribute and present their views in the organisation. Essentially, I played the role of a facilitator in the organisation. I created an environment that enhanced the success of an organisation. In addition, I created a working environment that ensured professional and personal development among all employees and other stakeholders. I also facilitated the formation of effective and practice teams that oversee the organisation transformation and changes. As the organisation leader, I also played the role of an advocate. I linked the organisation with new investors in local and global market. I also established new market for the organisation products and services. Through my advocacy role, the organisation regained its position in local and global market. The organisation image and reputation also increase significantly. I also served as a linkage between all departments in the organisation. As a leader, I also ensured there was effective interaction and teamwork between all departments in the organisation. Effective and consistent interaction presented an avenue where players could share ideas and opinions on the most effective ways of improving the success of the organisation.
After accessing the audience reaction, I realised that the audience expected me to play the role of facilitating the success of the organisation. Based on their reactions, I noted that, the audience was looking for an individual or a leader who can create an environment that will enhance success and development of the organisation. I therefore demonstrated my commitment towards fulfilling their expectations and needs. Moreover, the audience revealed their desire of a leader who can advocate for their need and demands. They needed a leader who can link them to other successful organisation and business entities in global market. To meet their demands, I demonstrated my commitment towards ensuring the organisation reputation is effectively improved in order to attract other investors and huge businesses.

As a leader in a trailing organisation, I expect various types of call texts and emails including personal calls, semi-professional calls, and professional calls. The aim of continuous calls was to facilitate interaction between all departments and stakeholders in the organisation. Despite creating reliable communication system, phone calls also helped in enhancing continuous consultation and interaction. Personal calls were useful in identifying the social relationship between me and other leaders and employees in the organisation. Moreover, employees could be calling me to know about my experience on a retreat that involved organisation employees.

Semi-personal calls can also be effective in enabling me to play my role as an abler in the organisation. As an abler, I was committed towards ensuring the success of teamwork and group work. Professional calls could also be essential in supporting my role as a leader. As a leader, I guided and influenced other employees in enhancing the success of an organisation. Moreover, as an agent of change, professional and semi-personal calls could also be critical in executing the expected organisational changes. Therefore, systematic interaction using various means such as phone calls, emails, and text can be critical in enabling me in executing my roles and responsibilities in an organisation. My commitment towards facilitating effective communication and interaction is therefore paramount in my career development

In most cases, the message that I receive make me feel very existed and motivated. There are those messages that make me smile while other makes me feel existed and humbled. Despite the sources and intension of the message and calls that I receive, I spend adequate time mediating about the message. This is due to the fact that, every message has a special meaning that helps in my professional and personal development. Moreover, most of the message and calls that I receive comes from people would like to hear from. My core leaders and employees are my motivators in my daily activities. I am also happy in fulfilling the requests and suggestions of everyone who either calls me or sends me a text. This is because it is my responsibility to meet the needs and interests of every player in the organisation. In addition, most of the texts that I receive from my friend and core workers remind me about my responsibility as the leader in the organisation. Intensive communication does not only boost my effectiveness in the organisation, but also helps me in executing my role and responsibility in the society.

In the situation where the message that I receive from the employees are not pleasing, I immediately react and respond to the message in order to identify the cause and intension of the message. In most cases, people who send unpleasing message aim at challenging me for doing unexpected and inappropriate things. It is the role and responsibility of my subordinate staffs to challenge me on the areas that I behave contrary to the set rules and regulations. In their message, I wish other leaders and employees could ask me to execute my facilitating role. I always feel encouraged when I receive support and challenge while executing my facilitative and leadership roles in the society.

My leadership skills and talents starts at my family institution. In my family, I play the role of advising my younger sisters and brothers on some social and economic issues. I take as my personal responsibility to advise my sisters and brothers on the importance of studying and learning. It is also my role to educate my younger sisters and brothers on some technical academic challenges. I hold discussion groups with my younger brothers on disturbing topics and other academic issues while on holiday. I also have a responsibility linking my family members with credible learning institutions in the country. I help them in looking for reputable institution to pursue their studies. Moreover, in rear situation, I have the role of providing basic needs to my family members. I use the small resources that I earn from my employment to support my parents in providing family basic needs and wants.
My friends have so for played an essential role in supporting my academic performance. To reciprocate their support in my current academic and professional success, I play several roles to support their activities. In friend circle, I serve as a mentor to all my friends. I organise retreats and outings with my friends to educate them on the importance of working hard in their academic activities. On the other hand, I also serve as a facilitator by creating a good environment where my friends could engage in meaningful and valuable interaction and consultation. I also serve as an advocate for the needs and demands of my friends. I use my academic competence and my skills in fighting for the rights, demands and needs of my friends. I also link my friends to helpful organisations and individuals.

Workplace and schools are critical in supporting my professional and academic objectives. In my school, I have served as students in various positions. I lead my fellow students towards attaining their academic goals and objectives. I also serve as a mentor in school groups and teams. My knowledge and experience in various cultural backgrounds are essential in supporting my role as a mentor. I am also serving as an organiser in my school. I organise students into small and manageable groups to attain a specific goal. Furthermore, I organise seminars and conferences where students get advice on the most effective ways of advancing their performance. In workplace, I play the role of a facilitator. I ensure that the organisation has created an attractive environment for personal and professional development. I also serve as a leader in my workplace. As a human resource manager, I have the responsibility of recruiting, disciplining and firing employees.

In my activities, I am always guided by various principles. Family influence has so far played an essential role in shaping my success as a leader in various organisations. On the other hand, in my daily activity, I always have moment of obligation. Moment of obligation helps me making the most effective decisions. Out of whack principle is also critical in shaping my daily activities and operations. On the other hand, I know what I got and what I need in my career and academic activities. My decision is also influenced by my heart and mind. I also use my experience in facilitating the success of my activities. The messages that I acquire from home and my family members are also critical in determining my activities and operations. Based on my experiences and knowledge, I always update my resume in order to be marketable in modern global market. I always use my past activities and operations to understand what are right and wrong in the society. In my action plan, I usually plan my activities based on my short-term, medium, and long-term goals.
In future, I would like to serves the role of a financier. In this new role, I would use my resources in boosting the financial fortunes of my friends and family members. I would also wish to serve as a consultant. In this new position, I will use my academic and professional competence to guide the public tackling emerging challenges.

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