Example Of Going From Strategy To Performance N Five Steps Case Study

Published: 2021-06-21 23:44:21
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The article, Going from strategy to performance in five steps by Brett Knowles outlines five steps that the management of an organization can use to translate strategy into performance. The article points out that managers, find it hard to implement strategies due to several challenges. Research shows that the performance gap between strategy planning and implementing is 37 percent. Translating strategy into performance is the major challenge to strategy implementation. Another barrier is lack of clear communication terms. In closing the strategy gap, organizations can use research and development tools such as balanced score card as well as strategic tools used in execution practices.
This article aims to identify effective strategies of executing strategic plans. A recent survey appearing in Harvard Business Journal (Knowles, 2013) reported that managers feel there is a 37 percent gap in strategy planning and implementation. Handling this problem requires effective communication strategy. However, effective communication needs must incorporate clear and decisive leadership practices that are consistent with the organizational strategy. This would make the planned strategy meaningful to frontline employees who execute strategies. In order to close the gap between strategy and execution, organizations have used research and development tools such as balanced scorecard and other strategy execution practices. This article has outlined the steps that can assist organizations to bridge the gap between strategy and performance as stipulated by their strategy by creating a strategic plot.
The article presents the long-held view of strategy as a linear process with a cause-and-effect relationship between strategic objectives and success. The first step described in the article is making the organizational strategy accessible by defining the strategy and communicating it to all stakeholders in an understandable way. The author however makes falls assertion that strategy of a company can be created in a single session. The second step involves collecting relevant information required to implement the strategy (Knowles, 2013). Owing to the size of data available, organizations use strategy model to make the right measures that reflect the organization’s strategic priorities.
Knowles, B. (2013). Closing the gap: going from strategy to performance in five steps.

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