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Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:05
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With the rise of new technology, the face and practice of terrorism has changed to a point that the groups are now recruiting and sending messages using the internet. The paramount reason of adopting this method is to avoid detection and achieve their aims within the shortest time possible. According to a paper written by the Homeland security in 2009, there are more than 7000 terrorist websites, which are used in sending messages and recruiting teenagers and young adults. Categorically, the terrorists disseminate propaganda and reports of some international journalists, which attract the attention of some young adults who form potential victims to be recruited. After identifying that one is interested in their propaganda, they personalize the communication then with time; they will get the contacts of the person and recruit the person into their group (Weimann, 2005). Notably, communication is through chat rooms, emails, and use of secure online software. Sometimes, terrorist groups develop online games, which may be related to Disney online games, which allure teens and young adults who find themselves as recruits of this terrorist group.

Although the FBI has never presented a written paper showing the assessment of biological, chemical, and nuclear acts of domestic terrorism, it has been conducting a national-level risk assessment of terrorist threats to America. However, the department of homeland security conducted a risk assessment of biological, chemical, and nuclear acts of domestic terrorism in 2004 and developed a response plan that would be used to neutralize such potential threats. The assessment was based on the nature of the weapons, the extent to which the weapons can affect, countries that produce such weapons, their terrorist usability, and ways of neutralizing them (GAO, 2012). Apart from that the assessment also entailed, insurgency and /or terrorist groups who have attempted to acquire, those that have acquired, those that have attempted to use and those that have used already. After that, the department of homeland security noted that domestic terrorist groups opt to use accessible weapons, explosive, and firearms instead of using biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, which require scientific expertise and might be expensive to produce and complex in using. Biowatch programs and Chemical weapons risk assessment agents were used to in deriving the assessment, where the difference between the highest and the lowest risk was recorded, and a report produced.

After the Aryan Nations lost the case to the Keenans, they were forced to compensate the latter, a move that destabilized their group; hence splitting it and later leading to its decline. Before the shooting incidence, there were three groups of the Aryan Nations, but after the case verdict, the factions split with some of their leaders such as Juba resigning, while August Kries joined their al-queda group (McElreath, 2013). In 2009, the group that was based in Texas merged with the one in Idaho and in 2012, while in prison, Kreis withdrawn his membership from the Aryan Nations passing the leadership to Bostwick. Other people such as McGiffen who had links with the group formed his own, The New order. It should be noted that the majority of those who pulled out ended up in prison, died, or quit the group.

Since the September 11 incidence, terrorist-inspired groups have become prevalent in America with the organizers using new faces, which are familiar to the potential victims. For instance Coleman Headley, an American citizen of Pakistan origin has undergone training in the Middle East and is also known to be an undercover informant of the American federal government (Nelson & Sunderson, 2012). His position in the American government makes it possible to be used to execute terrorist activities. Between 2001 and 2011 there have been more than 50 terrorism incidences organized by homegrown terrorists. The Al-Qaeda and Associated Movement sought for this new move to operate with mobility and execute their plans as expected. Unless these trends are checked, homegrown terrorism will increase and the lives of many people will be put at risk.


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