Example Of Course Work On Cultures In Marginalization

Published: 2021-06-21 23:48:09
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The role of the united nations in ensuring that women are not marginalized:

There are multiple approaches towards ensuring that women are not marginalized in different societies. It is pertinent to note that the distribution of talent is universal. However, opportunities are not universally distributed. Organizations should create opportunities for women in poor regions and societies of the world. Religion should be progressively used to enhance the quality of humanity and never should it be an excuse for retrogressive treatment.

The united nation should play a central in ensuring that the plight of women politically, economically, and socially is enhanced across the world. politically women should be allowed to fully participate in decision making in political processes.

With educational radio programs, it is possible to reduce the marginalization of women in the society. The media plays a central role in influencing the society. Cultural conceptions are well-outlined trough the media and others are demystified by the media. The mass media should be a key agent in reducing marginalization of women across different societies. Moreover, inclusivity of women in all educational levels is another pertinent aspect that can be used to ensure that women are enlightened. Developing domestic violence centers that educate women on their rights and ways to counter domestic violence. Moreover, these centers can be used as springboards for women in abusive marriages (Sonia, 2003).

Social media is another key tool that can be used to mobilize resources to support efforts that reduce marginalization of women across the world. The United Nations should support policy formulation in different jurisdictions that support institutions dealing with women marginalization. Moreover, resource mobilization at institutional level will be instrumental in the efforts of different individuals to reduce marginalization of women (Sonia, 2003).


Sonia, G. (2003, December). Marginalization of Women in the Media: What the United Nations Should Do. UN Chronicle, 3, 2.

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