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Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:26
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Transportation is a very fundamental thing for the growth of economy in a country. This is because it facilitates the movement of goods from one place to another. Transport can either be through air, sea, roads or railways. It has been established that a country that has a vast network of transport has a commendable economic growth. This is because the main thing that is crucial for the economic growth one of them being the transport network is in place and well developed. Other than businesses, most of the countries owe their economic growth to the agricultural products. If a country has a well advanced transport network the farm produce will take less time to reach the market especially the perishable goods. The other is that most people will invest in farming feeding the country and the globe at large.
Key lessons
Traffic congestion and transit service decline are becoming critical problems in china’s major cities like shanghai. The government has tried to deal with this menace to no avail. The china’s growing population has been attributed as the contributor to the menace in china’s roads. The government has taken the issue seriously and trying to invent the possible methods in order to make sure that they ease congestion on the roads. Most people in china are above the poverty line and so most of can easily afford cars for private use. Traffic congestion has led to china to be on the headlines for the wrong reasons. This is because the air pollution in china is demanding and the government has a huge task in trying to curb the menace of air pollution. The government has had to battle with air pollution. It has been known globally that china is facing some crisis on air pollution. The government has had to barn private in major cities like Shanghai in order to diminish traffic. The local government in Shanghai has put measures in order to ease traffic congestion. In this regard, only public vehicles with a capacity of 60 passengers are allowed into Shanghai city. In order to overcome the menace the government has also tried to expand the rail. This is because a train can carry many people as compared to the public vehicles. The other thing is that on the rail there would be no congestion. If many people opt to travel through the rail then the roads will eased with traffic congestion.
Recommendations and usefulness
The government in Shanghai and china at large strongly recommends its citizen not to rely on private means of transportation. It continues to depict that if the traffic congestion is eased on the roads it will be for the benefit of all. This will keep the economy growing as most of the time spent on traffic jams will be saved and spent on useful activities that will enhance economy growth. The other thing is that the government stalwartly recommends people to use rails which hardly have any traffic congestion. This will result to most people opting to use rail other roads. The other thing is that the government has put measures in order to curb the birth rate in the country. Though china is known for its vast network of transport, it experiences a major challenge in transport. China has been rated the best in terms of infrastructural development and most countries in the world hire experts from the country to construct their roads.
Deakin, E. (2006). Transportation issues in economic development, Berkeley, California. Berkeley, Calif: Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California.

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