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Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:20
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PSYC101 Journal Article ReviewAssignment - Part 2Article Analysis, Connection, and ReflectionDue: 11:55pm ETSunday at the end ofWeek 6of the 8-week course termYou may work on this assignment ahead of its deadline but may not submit it prior to Week 6.Points Possible: 140
OVERVIEW: For Part I of this two-part assignment you identified and summarized elements of a published scholarly article selected from the classroom Resources Folder. For Part 2, which is due by the end of Week 6, you will analyze, connect, and reflect on aspects of your selected article. Note that the words “succinct” and “thorough” repeat regularly in the instructions below. They will serve as reminders that this is a formal assignment and sentence fragments, bulleted lists, conversational or other types of casual language cannot be used.
In completing Part 2 you will: --Describe a research method alternative to the one used by your selected article’s author(s) to study the same phenomena
-- Evaluate the potential impact on the “real world” of your selected article’s research;
-- Apply three concepts from required textbook readings;
-- Identify an aspect of the article’s topic focus about which you would like to know more
In composing your work use complete and clearly articulated sentences in one or more paragraphs, as assigned below, a minimum of 250 words each and citing sources in the body of your writing and in a References list attached to the end of it. Proofread your work carefully as proper spelling, grammar and writing structure are required.All answers must be your original words or paraphrases of material in your selected article or the course textbook. No other sources may be used. Copying from published material is a violation of the University policy on academic integrity and will void all points for this assignment with no option for revision and submission.
**You may work on this assignment ahead of its deadline but may not submit it prior to Week 6 of the 8-week course term.
Then respond to the following succinctly and thoroughly in the spaces below
NOTE: You must complete your work in this document, save and attach it to the assignment tab; while you may want to do so as a back-up, content pasted into the assignment page Student Comments space cannot be accepted as a substitute for an on-time attachment submission and cannot be graded. Inserting your answers here will change the number of document pages and the location of particular items at the top, middle or bottom of pages.
While you may not remove or reorder items or change font sizeor other elements of this document and need to place your responses directly under each item, page number increases or an item moving from the top, middle or bottom of a page as a result of you entering your responses is to be expected and is not of concern. ====================================================================================
ANALYSIS – 30 points possible (15 points each)
1. Write a succinct and thorough paragraph in the space below either justifying or challenging the use of your selected article’s research methods used to examine its research question.NOTE: You must base your writing on the course textbook information about which research methods are best suited for which types of studies, not on personal opinion or preference, and choose just one position here. A paragraph that both justifies and challenges the use of an article’s research methods or that states why one position cannot be chosen cannot not be assigned points. Include in the body of your writing appropriately placed and formatted source citations for both the article and the course textbook.For the article I chose I am challenging the research method chosen to conduct the study because of the manner in which the subjects were chosen for the study. The participants of the study were all students thus in my opinion giving an inaccurate result of the studies aim which was to gauge attitudes towards peace and war between Denmark and the US. In our book this is the lack of representative sample, representative sample is agroup of individuals, selected from a population for study, which matches that population on important characteristics such as age and sex or location and social status in regards to this study (Travis &Wade, 2012). By only incorporating the views and opinions of students it gives a skewed result because based off of the title of the study it hints towards the total population of the US and Denmark not just college students. I do however agree with the research questions and methods used to examine the study. The researchers used a series of word association questioners that correlated certain words with war and peace. This is called a correlational study; a correlational study is defined as a descriptive study that looks for a consistent relationship between two phenomena (Travis &Wade, 2012). In this case it would be particular words that the researchers have associated with war and peace.
2. Write a succinct and thorough paragraph in the space below describing a research method other than the one noted in your selected article that the article author(s) could have used to conduct the same study and explain why it would be suitable as an alternative method.NOTE: The alternative research method you select must be suited for the article’s study so you will want to review the assigned course readings on the various types of methods. Include in the body of your writing appropriately placed and formatted source citations for both the article and the course textbook.
A research method that might have work just as well would be the test method. The test method yields information on personality traits, emotional states, aptitudes, and abilities (Wade, 27) I believe this would produce the same results if not more accurate results than the survey method used by the researchers. A down side to the test method is that it can only target a limited number of subjects in a reasonable amount of time and it is difficult to construct tests that are reliable and valid for a study (Wade, 27).
CONNECTION – 50 points possible (25 points each)
1. In the space below, write a succinct and thorough paragraph (250 words minimum)describing three concepts, theories or principles from the course textbook that can be related the focus of your selected article. NOTE: Research methods and statistical analyses have already been addressed earlier in this assignment and cannot be used as textbook concepts here.Include in the body of your writing appropriately placed and formatted source citations for both the article and the course textbook.
The article I choose used one of the principles in psychology which is the social influences that can be associated in beliefs and behavior of the society. Many of the individual acquire their attitudes and behavior through the effect of social influence. (Travis &Wade, 2012, 364). Social representation of the war and peace is the theme of the study which can use the principles of social influence of psychology. The study explains how the social influences can change the individual’s perception of war and peace. (Linden, et al, 219)
The article also used the principle and the assumption on how the ideological beliefs can be involved in their study. In the book, it states that the ideological beliefs that evolved in a society involve individual’s acceptance of the social change or the individual's acceptance that it is a part of natural order(Travis &Wade, 2012, 342).The study assumed that the attitude of the society towards peace involved egalitarian ideological beliefs. On the other hand, the society’s attitude on war involved authoritarian ideological belief. (Linden, et al, 218)
The theory of group identity is also used in the study. The theory states that the group identity is caused by major institutions such a religion and politics. Social identities are formed on how the major institutions act and influence the society. (Travis &Wade, 2012, 350). The major assumption on the study is that social representation of war and peace is based on the political culture of the nation. The political culture is characterized by current military power and the history of war. (Linden, et al, 223)
2. One of the most interesting aspects of the field of psychology is the application of its concepts, theories, and principles to everyday life. In the space below, write a succinct and thorough paragraph (250 words minimum)describing at least 3 different ways that the research conducted by your selected article’s author(s) can impact the “real world”.Include in the body of your writing appropriately placed and formatted source citations for the article and the course textbook (if you use the latter in the construction of this paragraph).
The study aims on how people perceived the meaning and objectives of the war which could help to understand the social perception of a nation. Various countries have different perception on war and peace. For example, people may favor war because it could help social equality and other could favor peace because they perceived war as a tool for violence. (Linden, et al, 234) The analysis on the social representation could help understand the social identity by observing the military power and war history of a nation.
The study could also be used in analyzing the different perception towards peace and war by the various countries. The social representation of peace and war are associated with the country’s political culture. The political culture is characterized by the military power and the nation’s war experiences. (Linden, et al, 234) In this case, the study could relate the social perception of any nation towards war and peace and which of the social representation could cause the violence. The study could be used to remove the risk of more violence.
The study could also characterize the relationship of different nation with each other. The social representation of the United States and Britain was studied and compared. With the principles of psychology, the relationship of the countries could be characterized using their different perception towards war and peace. With the alarming issue of the possibility of another world war, the nation’s perception could be analyzed though social representation which can avoid the violence. (Linden, et al, 234)REFLECTION – 50 points possible (25 points each)1. Although the author(s) of your selected article addressed many aspects of its focus of study, it is inevitable that components were not discussed that might also be interesting. In the space below, write a succinct and thorough paragraph (250 words minimum)explaining one aspect of your selected article’s focus that the researchers did not mention that you would like to know more about.Include in the body of your writing appropriately placed and formatted source citations for the article and the course textbook (if you use the latter in the construction of this paragraph).
The study uses the assumption of social influence through political culture. The cultural differences were considered in order to have a proper correlation between the two nations about social representation of war and peace. The study uses the aspects of poverty, equality and fear as tools for quantifying the effect of social and political culture on these social representations. (Linden, et al, 236) However, the study generalized the cultural difference of two developed countries which is the United States and Britain. The cultural differences could be more evitable with the use of a developed country and a developing country. The political and social culture of the countries should be comparable in order to have a proper correlation on how these differences affect the social representation towards peace and war.
The political and social culture could be controlled by social norm of any nation. I would like to read more about how social norm could be factor for the social representation towards war and peace. Social norms are rules and actions in which the people are restricted such a government rule, culture or can also be the economic ability of any nation. (Travis & Wade, 2012, 332) The countries’ different norms could be characterized with the use of a developed country and a developing country. In general, the social norms could be used in the study. The effect social norm could be analyzed on how the people perceive the violence that could be associate in the war or how the people perceived the equality if they are restricted by some rules and nation’s disabilities.
2. Combined, the Week 3 and Week 6 portions of this assignment provided several opportunities, to identify the key components of a published scholarly journal article, to demonstrate knowledge of research methods use in studying psychological phenomena, (Week 3); and second, to develop and hone article summary and analysis skills (Week 6). With the second opportunity in mind, in the space below, write a succinct and thorough paragraph (250 words minimum)describing three aspects of summarizing and reviewing a published scholarly journal article that you now understand that you didn’t know about before starting the assignment. NOTE: You are reflecting on your learning experience here, not summarizing or evaluating the selected article. This is the only part of the assignment to be written personal reflection style. It is expected that you would have few or perhaps no source citations here, using them only for portions of your reflective work that are directly based on either your selected article or the course textbook.
In my experience on the summarizing and reviewing a published journal article, I learned more about how the abstract should be written and how it should contain all the elements of the article. The abstract is the first paragraph that should be read in the article. The abstract contains most of the contents of the article such as objectives, method and results. In short, the abstract is one of the most important parts of the summarizing and reviewing the article.
I also learned that in summarizing and reviewing the article, the assumptions and limitations should also be understood. The limitations and assumptions of the study relate how the study should be viewed and analyzed. Without proper understanding of the assumptions and limitations, the reviewing and summarizing the article would be difficult and sometimes, it could result to wrong understanding of the study. Assumptions and limitations of the study are often written in the methodology part of the article which also relates the approach of the study to the issue.
In order to have a full understanding of the article, the objective should be the most important part of reviewing and summarizing. The objective of the study is associated to all the parts of the article. In my experience of summarizing and reviewing, there are parts that I did not understand initially. However, I learned much of the issue when I analyzed the objectives of the study. In general, the main aspects of my learning experience in summarizing and reviewing the article would be the abstract, the objective, and the assumptions and limitations.
SPELLING, GRAMMAR, AND CITATIONS – 10 points possible(Nothing to type here. This is an alert to go back and proofread your writing and make any needed corrections before submitting this assignment to avoid the loss of these 10 important points. Tip: Look for basic grammar errors [ex: using “their” when you are talking about one person), misspellings and typos, correctly spelled but incorrectly used words that SpellCheck won’t catch, sentence fragments that don’t state complete thoughts, run-on sentences that should be split into smaller ones or sentences that read awkwardly or don’t make sense when you read them aloud, etc.).
==================================================================================After you have completed your work, save and attach this document, with your name as part of the document file name, to the Journal Article Review Assignment Part 2 Assignment page.

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