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Published: 2021-06-21 23:38:03
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Genetically engineered organisms especially genetically modified plants and products derived from them have received debate of acceptance or rejection all over the world. The overall reaction is miscellaneous everywhere for the research, growth, production and use of GMOs. The problem lies in the fact that Genetically Modified plants are less understood. (Goyal & Gurtoo). Following is a discussion of why Genetically Modified Plants are beneficial to mankind.
The plant species that undergo genetic engineering have genes from other related or even unrelated species, sometimes with and sometimes without the omission of original genes, through methods of genetic engineering methods. This helps produce new plants that have traits and functions useful to the requirements of producers and consumers. It is beneficial to producers where such plant seeds could provide weather resistant, pest resistant, disease resistant crops and better yields. How it helps consumers is by meeting requirements and demands including nutrition, taste, durability, medicine etc.
Genetically Modified plant technology has been present for many years now and many people are aware of their existence and distribution. These plants have bridged gaps of demand and supply of consumer resources. However, for many people it is “interfering into the natural law of development” (Deane-Drummond). To add to this ethically many questions are posed on the validity of GM Plants (Smith).
This technology must be tested everywhere before it can be termed unethical and immoral. Till such tests yield results Genetically Modified plants seems the right choice to create high quality and balanced products for demand and supply. Like every other new technology GM plants require time and effort to settle in for the consumers in the present day scenario.
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