Example Of Admission Essay On Why Interested In A Graduate Business Degree From Wake Forest University

Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:30
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One can say that education is the best inoculation against disruption. Accounting has been my passion, education has made me good at it, and I have grown to love it in my undergraduate studies. To be the best in any field one has to seek the best education. I know that Wake Forest University offers one of the best graduate programs in business. Business decisions are made based on accounting principles. To make critical decisions, expertise in the field of accounting is required. Wake Forest University is dedicated to training accountants to develop critical and analytical skills that enhance their ability to perform at the highest level in the corporate world. Furthermore, the graduate program in accounting offered by Wake Forest University is classified among the top programs in the country. The performance of students at Wake Forest University has been exceptional. The university boasts some of the best CPA results in the country. A number of students who pursue the graduate program seem to put a lot of effort and are dedicated to their studies. This provides a learning environment where learning is encouraged and in which I would like to be included. Excellence is also a part of graduate program as evidenced by the vast amounts of awards that University has received because of its performance. To become the best at what you do, one has to get the best education and training. This is possible at Wake Forest University as it provides the platform through assisting students to get professional internships, which in most cases translates to job offers and opportunities. Through this graduate program, I will be able to achieve my goals. First of all I will be able to work as an accountant in a big four accounting firm and later as I gain experience I will be able to start a consulting firm where I will dedicate my time in helping companies and organizations to address their accounting problems and enable them to make better financial decisions.
How will my degree from Wake Forest University positively impact my future organization and greater community
My constant desire to learn new things coupled with my qualities of hardworking and paying attention to small details will help me develop the necessary and required skills in accounting. In the future organizations that I will work for, I will be provide significant changes that will include improved financial reporting, better cost management, and efficient production. Furthermore, I will use my auditing skills to ensure maximum efficiency to maximize profits. Additionally, there will be better human resource management and reduced redundancies among the workforce. The quality of the work that I will provide will guarantee the organization increased annual returns, which will be achieved through accurate reporting of financial returns. At the managerial level, I will be able to apply my accounting skills in making quick and rational decisions that will increase the financial performance of the organization. Further, I will seek to mentor other young accountants in helping them develop the necessary skills required in the accounting career. Assisting organizations to solve their financial problems will increase the GDP, which will result in creation of employment opportunities for the young aspiring individuals. Additionally, auditing will help in tracking companies that are exploiting innocent individuals of their hard-earned money. Finally, better performing companies will provide a competitive business environment.
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