Edin Lein Survival Strategies Article Review Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:27
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This paper is on the topic of work welfare and single mothers' economic survival strategies. The kind of strategies available to the mothers is based on the city’s social structural characteristics where they reside and the quality of their social, private safety. The authors have argued that some of the survival strategies are more attuned along with work rather than others. Most mothers believe that unless costs associated with work are lowered, or earning power is increased with investments in future education, they won’t be able to meet most of their expenses by only working at low paid jobs.
Does this paper present the correct picture about the financial difficulties of single mothers in the women’s history? How far do the suggestions go to find a reasonable solution?
This paper gives detailed information about family economics of choice between work and welfare that single mothers need to make. In the past, efforts made to conceptualize the results welfare on work have failed to consider realities of low-wage work and welfare, as neither is enough for mothers to pay their monthly bills. This paper has shown network strategies are conducive while moving from welfare to work, at the same time agency strategies, and side work is not. Mothers choose their strategies based on the social-structural qualities of the cities where they reside.
The data is taken from intensive interviews from 379 low-income group single mothers living in the United States between the years 1988 and 1992. This research is done through intensive interviews of sociological analysis of single mothers. The author makes few suggestions to improve the standards of single mothers, these include allowing them to measure high quality training leading to living wages as work requirement; expanding health care and child care benefits who leave welfare for work, among others. These solutions will definitely help the financial situation of single mothers and encourage them to move from welfare and start working for making a living. However, many of these solutions are not feasible and possibly implementable in the immediate future. I personally think this article is knowledgeable to understand the sociological perspective of single mothers. As it shares some insights into the world of single mothers and how they conceptualize their strategies to run their families.

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