DNA Fingerprinting Course Work Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:48:08
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DNA fingerprinting requires the use of certain methodologies and tools to ensure that the sequencing process of the DNA is accurate. DNA extraction is a critical step in DNA fingerprinting. To obtain the DNA, the source has to be living as I learned from the Utah site.

Certain additives are necessary in the extraction process. These include salt and alcohol. The salt helps the DNA to stick together while the alcohol is used for precipitating the DNA. The making of several images of the DNA requires the application of certain tools, which the Utah site provides a very good example. The PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a tool that is used to center on a section of the DNA and thus allows it to be copied many times repeatedly.

Another aspect in DNA fingerprinting is the use of gel electrophoresis. Dealing with DNA is not something that can be easily done with just the use of the human eye. To assist the visual process gel electrophoresis allows the scientist to view and work with tiny molecules of the DNA. Since technology is a critical aspect of genetic research, the Utah site shows that technologies such as DNA microarray analysis is being used to help in conducting investigations in DNA fingerprinting.

The technological aspect in DNA fingerprinting necessitates the need to have a clear understanding of the biological aspect of genes because the processes and tools may be complex. Issues in our society such as crimes and disease control have turned to biotechnology for solutions. For instance, the application of PCR in the real world includes diagnosing of diseases, crime investigations and in detecting viruses and bacteria. In crimes, DNA evidence might come in handy when authorities lack any other sufficient evidence.

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