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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:39
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Category: Love, Friends, Friendship, Ethics, Truth, Criticism

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Step 1: write the end as a propaganda
One should not encourage friendship that is based on false praises; in fact friends that do not offer constructive criticism should be avoided at all costs. As a friend one should always be ready to give the honest truth no matter how hard it may be, this is because at the end of the day it is meant to help the other person. As a friend as well it is good to be ready to accept constructive criticism even if it is not what you want to hear. It is good to keep in mind that the truth is not always the thing we want to hear, but it is the best thing to hear. Friends who tell it as it is without giving false praises are true and should be kept close at all costs. The only way to be a true friend is by telling the truth at all times and giving constructive criticism at all times.
Step 2: be subtle in the ending
Friendship is all about correcting each other and guiding each other. Like a good friend, my friend tried to do so but pride would not allow me to take the truth. Even though when people see you doing something they want to correct you only the courageous one will be bold enough to tell the truth, for this they should be the true confidants. Instead of avoiding such friends we should feel honoured to have them in our lives and appreciate their honesty with love.
Friend: I am so sorry I criticized your work, you have become better and I am so proud of you
Me: I became better because I took your advice I don’t know what I would have been had you not been brave enough to tell me the truth. Thank you for being a great friend and I want you to give me an honest opinion about all the books I write. Friends like you are the best and I appreciate you
Step 3
Just like a rose in the bud stage I needed someone to come and expose me to the sunshine to be able to bloom and mature. My friend gave me what is called tough love, something that everyone deserves once in a while; to be loved with imperfections but to be challenged to become better. To be told where to improve on and to be told what is good, better and best out of us.

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