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Identity audit

Singapore Airline is attached to various business processes and technical systems that are applied to manage the organizational identity. There are rules of conduct that governs the organization toward achieving the goals and building a good reputation. The company has a very high priority to ethical business conduct in the markets where they do business (Frank, 2005). In the corporate governance, the company has managed to engage its contractors, employees and agents in sense that their integrity in their conduct of work has enabled them to enhance the business operation as well as their reputation.

With the compliance to the corporate responsibility conduct, the company has actively contributed to the communities in their field of business. As an essential part of the good corporate citizen, the company has continually supporting programmes that benefit the community. The company has been committed in making generous contributions in sports, community welfare, arts and education (Frank, 2005). For instance, there is an organized annual Christmas visit to the hospitalized children in japan.

Singapore Airline has initiated a fully branded product and service differentiation strategy to build the company’s identity not only locally but also globally. The major drivers of the company’s brand are the genuine quality, best technology, best customer services and innovation. Over the past 32 years, the airline company has pioneered entertainment and experimental innovations to remain competitive in the market. To prohibit the violation of the alcohol and drug act, the company was in the frontline in introducing free alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to its customers.

In their move towards attaining safety, the Singapore Company has embraced technology to ensure that they have the youngest fleet of aircraft that are safe. The company has also complied with the stringent policy of ensuring that it is operating with newer and better models aircrafts, than their competitors. For instance, in 2006, the company was the first in the airline industry to fly the Airbus super jumbo A-380. These are some of the measures that the company has effectively established to ensure that the company is in a position to reduce the operational risks.

Objectives to modernize Singapore Airline’s corporate identity

The last few years there has been a dramatic change in the airline industry. There have been major reforms and loose merging amongst premiums, full service players and growth in the low-cost carrier market in the Singapore airline and in the closely regulated Asian airspace. The growth in the air travel industry has resulted to route saturation with fierce competition. Consumer behavior is greatly influenced by the low-cost carrier for its cheap price snips among leisure travellers and progressively among business travellers (Peoples, 2012).

The Singapore airline is ahead for launching its own carrier for the natives and short-haul routes, tiger airways, to have competing advantage. The aim is avoiding core premium brand, SA. It has strongly embedded positioning and commitment to the brand has put it in a good place to compete in the new landscape. The challenge however is keeping up with the brand in delivering on the high-cost promise of quality, innovation and service (Peoples, 2012). The success requires heavy, ongoing investment and cash flows, which are achievable through a continuous price-premium strategy and customer satisfaction.

The major concern is not whether there are customers in the market but the ability of SA to keep its brand and nurture its promise of innovativeness, and capture the general value of the brand in the customers mind. This will create customer-company trust and make a good reputation among its customers and help in its global advertisement through it good customer satisfaction (Melewar, & Karaosmanoğlu, 2008).

The strong brand equity is one of the most valuable assets for the company and its cash-rich balance sheet. SA is a leading business case from Asia demonstrating the importance of strategic branding. SA is recognized worldwide for this effort and has a great future(Melewar, & Karaosmanoğlu, 2008).

Proposed new logo and tagline

The above image is a proposed new logo for the Singapore Airlines.


The new proposed logo will maintain the font and the original flying bird to insist and depict the sky travel as the business nature of Singapore Airline. The artistic image of a plane above would be effective to show that the company is above the other competing companies. The company is entitled to offer fast quality services and products in the airline industry and the fast efficient services is depicted by the flying birds. However, the logo has an additional “flying bird” facing different directions (Wiedemann, 2006). This is to mean that the company has grown enough to offer airline services in different routes globally. The reason behind adding SIA to the logo is to illustrate simplicity, that is, one can use SIA to represent Singapore Airlines.

The proposed tagline would read as follows; - “The Leading Bird”. This tagline will depict the company’s efforts in becoming the global leader in the airline industry. It shows recognition of the company that has been hugely rewarded an industry leader and the innovator. The company has been awarded 21 times out of 22 times as the world’s Best Airline from Conde Nast Traveler. It has also been awarded as the Skytrax’s Airline of the Year award 3 times in the last ten years. Therefore, being “leading bird” shows how excellent and successful the company has been.

Speech transcript that reinforces the positive associations related to the Singapore Girl

The Singapore girl has ditched the bright blue eye shadow and she will now appear in a more elusive and modern look. The girl will still hold on to her Sarong kebaya uniform, which will always remind us about the flight attendants of Singapore Airlines. Her face will have a make-up that will be less striking compared to the previous show. The Singapore is a prominent figure of SIA and she is a great icon. This is the time where she will stick to her colors in more than a decade. She will stick to green, blue, brown and plum make-up. Her mouth will have the red lipstick that will go hand in hand with the colors present in her Sarong Kebaya uniform.

The tones and the shades that the Singapore girl currently has will be more subtle and captivating compared to her previous appearances. She will be more advanced and a unique character who will serve a great role in promoting the Singapore Airlines. During the beginning of or project, we interviewed our customers and collected their views and opinions about the iconic Singapore girl. The feedback that we got helped us to come up with the strongest colors to advertise SIA and this will be observed in the way the girl will appear. I have a strong belief that the present colors are our strongest ever and they will capture the attention of our clients to build a strong customer base (Chan 2000).

The Singapore girl is a very significant body since the Singapore International Airlines was started. She stands as a powerful advertising slogan in painting the development and strength of the Flight attendants of Singapore Airlines. The Singapore girl puts on the Sarong Kebaya uniform which our flight attendants wear on their official duties. The uniform represents our company corporate image and it’s a very prominent symbol in Singapore Airlines.
The Singapore girl is a major figure in the airlines advertisement since her colors creates a unique identity of Singapore Airlines worldwide. The entire world recognizes her unique colors and her presences will always symbolize the image of the Singapore Airlines. She has been popular across all form of media across the globe and her cabin crew uniform has continued to pass a message to the Singapore Airlines customers (Aziz 2007). It is with our humble hearts and loyalty to remain unique to our clients and always strive to create an identity that will always associate our services to our clients.
The colors used by the Singapore girl are very attractive. When the crew puts the uniform, they create a patterned dress code that looks amazing and terrific. In such an appearance, her smiles and the desire will appear very genuine to the customers. The Singapore girl kebaya uniform has remained the most recognized uniform of the airline.

The colors of the Singapore girl promote and build the corporate strategy very strong. She remains our brand icon and holds up our status and positivity. Her statute captures the values and hospitality of Asians. The girl makes the clients describes the services offered by the Singapore airlines crew as kind, caring, warm, elegant, gentle and serene. The iconic girl creates a brilliant personality in Singapore airlines’ commitment to offer quality and excellent services to all its clients. The iconic lady is regarded the most popular commercial figure due to her attractive appearance.

The girl creates a high social status of the Singapore airline and she has reached the celebrity stage across Asia. This is the reason why the Singapore Airline will always recruit beautiful and well-figured models that will remain our brand icon. The presence of the lady is always associated with positive contributions of the Singapore airlines in the airline transport industry. She serves a role in making SIA popular and always there to satisfy the demands of their clients. She will always remain of high dignity and classic in creating a unique endeavor associated with SIA (Venkat 2007).

The Singapore girl symbolizes the way SIA treats her customers in a way that they are caring and attentive. This has helped the company to scoop awards like Conde Nast Traveller's "Best Global Airline” award, Travel and Leisure’s “Best International Airline” award, Wall Street Journal Asia’s “Most Admired Singapore Company amongst others( Richardson & Michael, 2003). All these achievement has been promoted by the Singapore girl and she will always be treated a unique icon by the SIA.
The Singapore girl has developed into a global icon and she is a strong asset of the Singapore airline. She has and will continue to be a representative in our Global marketing campaigns of our company. She will always represent the Asian grace and hospitality and will be a symbol of the high services offered by the airline.


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