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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:46
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When we encounter stress in our lives, we find ways to get back at peace. We seek support and solutions from our environment. The solutions we find help us either to adapt to the situation or change the situation or our ways. Coping is the way in which we adapt ourselves to handle stress while social support system comprise of people in our lives who help us manage stress.
Stress associated with say loss of a close family member can been dealt with by adapting. When we lose people close to us, we are forced to living without them in our lives. When I lost my brother, I thought at the time that it was impossible to live without him in my life. He was literally part of almost every aspect of my life. But with time, I was forced to move on by the mere fact that he was never coming back. I also received a lot of encouragement from friends who constantly reminded me that I was not alone. One mechanism I did not employ but could have helped me at the time was avoidance. I did not help myself when I spend a lot of time talking about my brother, listening to the music he loved and looking at his photos.
In conclusion, the human mind is programmed to adapt to pain as well as to forget it. People vulnerable to stress can be helped to adapt to it and with time, the stress will wither away. Also found within our environment are people, structures, music, and many other things that open old wounds and provoke us to stress. To avoid, where we can, these elements that bring bad memories could help us forget and deal with stress.

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