Case Study On Summarizing Concepts

Published: 2021-06-21 23:44:10
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Social Stratification is the hierarchical arrangement of persons according to their social classes, castes and strata within society. Social classesses are identified with social stratification in that they are used to define how hierarchical arrangements are made. The four systems of stratification include slavery which entails the ownership of people, estate systems where land and other resources are controlled by a few people. The other are caste system where people are born and belong to unequal systems and the other one is the class system where people are born into a social ranking. Slavery is closed whereas the class system is open. Caste system is ascribed whereas the estate system was achieved.
According to Karl Marx, means of production entails everything that goes into the making of a product. According to him, it is the bourgeoisie who owned the means of production because they owned the products and the tools used in production. The bourgeoisie were the middle class while the proletariat was the lower or working class who had to sell their labor to the bourgeoisie in order for the means of production to thrive. Class consciousness is the belief that a person has concerning their social class. Dominant ideology on the other hand entails the beliefs shared by the majority. False consciousness is the inability of people to see issues related to social stratification as they are
Webber’s approach to class examines any group of people who belong to the same group situation. Status groups on the other hand are formed based on the status of the persons involved. He defined parties as organization and no just communities or groups. These organizations involve themselves with working towards a specific goal and this they do by proper planning. While Marx concerned himself with these areas with assertions that focused on the negative relations that they depicted, Webber gave them a wider viewpoint by making the groups existing on either side approach them positively.
Cultural capital is the non financial social assets that support social mobility and is deeply entrenched in the different classes of people. The upper and middle class often possesses more of it in form of education, speech, dress and even physical appearance whereas the low class is devoid of it. With regard to power difference, the more powerful people are in great possession of it whereas the less powerful own less or none. The powerful and richer members of society have ore and greater access to cultural capital and this is seen through the school they go to which are more expensive, they dress expensively, the food they eat is awesome and they even engage in a particular range of sporting activities such as golf. These are some of the things that the lower class group of people does not afford.

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